Fassa Guide

5 months ago

A group of three girls and me walked on the Via Ferrata for the first time in September 2020 with Etienne Bernard as our guide.
I felt safe with him in spite of the respect I had for the mountain "exposure". Etienne's tips on how to climb best were on the spot. After the experience of fear on the first day… On the third day I was going singing and without too much worrying. He was the perfect combination of attention-to-detail, safety-and-relaxation teacher of 4 Bambis of the Dolomites 馃槄
His passion for the mountains and for climbing shows and inspires. He shared stories, knowledge and fun facts with us. He was always attentive to everyone and all safety details. He also consulted us on how to adjust the plans to better suit our energy and likes.
I would definitely do another mountain trip with Etienne.


5 months ago

Me and 3 friends took a 3-day via-ferrata guided by 脡tienne Bernard in September 2020. We had a wonderful time at the Dolomiti. The landscape is amazing and the program organized by 脡tienne was perfect. 脡tienne is an excellent guide, he answered all our questions before departure, was trustworthy, absolutely knowledgeable of the mountains which conveyed a sense of safety and is such a nice person. Physical effort and challenge were perfectly adequate for our level. Highly recommended.

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