7 years ago

This site is a scam – BEWARE.
I purchased a new battery as a replacement for my HP laptop for AUD$75 on the 25th August 2013. After waiting over two weeks I tried to contact them on their web base email facility, but guess what, when you hit the submit button nothing happens. They have an 'online live chat' icon that is always Offline. On my site they have an Australian contact number of (02) 8006 0898, BUT guess again, that number is always diverted by voice robot to what sounds like someone with a South African accent saying that the person you want is unavailable.
I have taken out a resolution with Paypal that I have escalated to a 'claim' and hopefully get my $75 back.

PayPal has refunded me my monies. So I'm happy again.



7 years ago

As others have said already, this low life just takes the money and does not send the product. I ordered an adapter one month ago and have not heard anything since – despite my attempts to contact the company. I guess you live and learn…!


8 years ago

I recently purchased a replacement Toshiba laptop adapter from On their site, they state delivery will be between 3-7 days. However, after two weeks I still had not received the item and subsequently emailed the company several times with no response. As I purchased through paypal I then opened a dispute, again with no response from the seller. I then escalated this to a claim which gives the seller 15 days to respond, after 10 days I still have no response. Going back on to their website, I realized the security and privacy seals at the bottom of their page are fake, just copied and pasted images. As such, I am doubtful I will receive my money back but nonetheless if I can stop someone else from being scammed by this site, it won't be a complete loss.

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