Fast Bit

3 weeks ago

Anything that has the word FAST and BIT should not be trusted. They will even have their own company name, address, number, and such to make themselves appear credible but do not fall to such schemes.

They promise fast and big earnings within days, weeks, and months, and will even give you the rewards, to give you a taste of it, but will eventually disappear. Let not the mistake of others be yours too.

Proverbs 13:11
Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.


4 weeks ago

My money is stuck with this company and their website is shutdown and not online. I hope there is anybody here to help me get my money from them.


5 months ago

Fast Bit is the most crooked trading platform. Look at how many bad reviews they have, I am waiting a whole month to access my money always told to pay fee to access the funds in my account. They have no measures in place to protect it's users. Their customer service support is non-responsive and they've stolen a lot from me, I was able to make reclaims for my loss by the aid of an IT expert |SFR| . Find another way to |invest your money, that's my advice.


1 year ago

Fast bit online a big scam . They put a big amount on your dashboard and they ask you to pay a tax so that you can withdraw. I made a fresh deposit I earned nothing. Beware of this platform.


1 year ago is SCAMMER. Please beware. Not paid. No refund. No withdrawal..


1 year ago

I can't believe as the fastbit online is the most untrusted, scammer and manipulated scheme for investor. They can delete any amount in your wallet and asking for some hidden charges for fees. They looked so professional to negotiate with investor but honestly they fake. Don't ever try this Fastbitonline scheme.


1 year ago is a big scam 鈥硷笍 i made 2 fresh deposits they never paid me.


1 year ago

Fast-Bit Online and Forex Trading Firm, AFTER Restructure New Design Website. Crypto Plan NOW NOT Reliable. Support TOO RUDE. PAYOUT NOT as mentioned at FAQ and Policy NOW. Yet.the Investor/Trader on forcing them to keep re-invest due every time request withdrawal is no reply.

The Owner/CEO/Admin will attack to PM Investor personal with HOPELESS PROMISES, with fake Batch Hash Transaction.
1.Dr. Ryder Orchard.( +34-632-891-190)- CEO
2.Eng. S.S. P. Rathnayake – Director-General

In any Type of Bussiness, the Management Should Thankfully to their Customers, Investors or trader here but NOT in this Fast-Bit Management.

Cryptos Industry It's broken due to this kind of human and shameful to many other competitors in the world cryptos industries.


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