Fast Flyers Incorporated

2 years ago

I guess there is no respect when it comes to Fast Flyers, a company that helps to distribute flyers and restaurant inserts here in Detoit and Metro Detroit- Please Beware of this company. Not only do they engage in "shady" business practices, but they hire the most disregardful individuals!

I have asked and asked this company to keep its workers off of my lawn.

Imagine being a single woman, who has been the victim of a robbery, and you have a man walking across your front lawn… yeah… a bit scary.

Then the man leaves garbage on your property in the form of a Ray's Pizza and Chicken coupon and paper insert.

This company does not care about its community and therefore is a ripoff.

To Mr. or Ms. Rene Linares, you need to do a better job about educating your workers on respecting the property of others. You need to conduct all of your business with dignity and respect. You all are pathetic and you need to stop.

Talk about the demise of Detroit… just because we are not known as the most wonderful city in America and we are heavily populated with African-Americans, it does not mean that we don't care about our health, our community and our surroundings.

STOP with throwing garbage on property. Leaflets for restaurants that serve garbage is not ideal.
Folks, here is their verbiage from their website. Take heed and please avoid them at all costs!

"Based out of Detroit, we offer affordable quick door to door distribution of handbills, flyers, newspaper, pizza coupons, etc.

Servicing the following areas:

路 Metro Detroit area

路 Lansing Area

路 Grand Rapids Area

路 Ann Arbor

路 Northern Ohio

We handle jobs from a few thousand homes to over 100,000 homes on a weekly basis.

To contact us:
Have questions or need a quote…
Please contact Rene Linares:
Phone: 313-477-0272
E-mail: [email protected]


8 years ago

Employees steal from your house…. Company doesn't care… I know it was them, no doubt in my mind. Don let these people do business in your neighborhood. Bunch of liars and thieves. I have contacted the city and the police, turns out I'm not alone.

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