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10 months ago

Not sure whether it's because I've been a longtime customer (since 2015) but I've found FF to be generally reliable for Twitter follows. They're not perfect but certainly better than a number of other providers out there, which have followers that are suspended by Twitter within a matter of hours.

– Customer service difficult to get hold of, if you don't follow up complaints two or three times and pester them. Filing a complaint just gets you an automated bot response, but I have had email chats with members of the CS team (it exists).
– Since 2015, they've hiked their prices, though you can get around this by adding discount codes. There are enough of them if you do a quick web search.
– Followers used to be better quality… there's a lot of random language accounts these days without bios. And you do tend to lose a handful of followers each week, but the drop-off is a lot better than other providers.

As of April 2020, they are still operating and have not gone out of business. They say on their landing page that they no longer accept new clients but it appears you can sign up to "Social Formula" (perhaps their parent company?) if you go to Login, then click Sign Up.


1 year ago

They dont offer most of the services on their page & followers are fake !


2 years ago

Scammers of the worst kind. Have gone out of business and are still accepting orders and don't reply to emails. You were warned–stay away.

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