9 years ago

I have had a acne problem for a while, so I decided to purchase herbal pills online. This site had a guarantee that I will get my money back if the item does not work. It is said that it will take up to 30 days to be acne free. It has now been 1 month and 2 weeks since I have been taking this product, and I see no difference in the amount of acne I had before. I paid $109.00 for this product, and now that is a loss to me. I thought the company was a trustworthy company. The product they are selling is sugar pills, and nothing close to an acne relief or cure. I contacted them 2 weeks ago asking for a refund, and they have been telling me to wait. I would like to report this website as a scam website, and I hope you take it down. Thank You

-Bassel Ilaian

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