6 years ago

It really doesn't get more SHADY than this. Ordered parts spending several hundred dollars and never received anything. I ordered through craigslist and they want cash because they know if you use a debit/credit card the consumer can always file a charge back reversal and will get their money back. However, if you're local they will want you to pay cash. They will talk Russian in front of you and I urge you to read the countless of other complaints they have for not delivering parts, or selling parts that don't work, or advertising parts that that don't have, yet selling people the wrong parts. Every business has complaints, however this BIZ is way beyond complaints and should really be shut down.

The biz is called FAST AUTO WRECKING & TOWING LLC and they operate a site called

Good luck:



8 years ago

I ordered some car parts and they never got delivered.
Of course, they took my money and when I called the first time
they guy "Alex" gave me a lame execuse. So I gave them the benefit
of doubt and waited for two more weeks. Finally I had
enough and called again onlyvto her another execuse.
So I ended up filling a charge back reversal with my
credit card and I got my money back.

They sound very Shady when talking on the phone.
It seems they have had many compaints for non delivery
of parts and delivering the wrong parts.

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