7 years ago

I have been scammed

I applied for a loan was told I was approved they sent the contract and account information. I was told that I needed to do a one time good faith from a green ebay loadable card I did the one time faith and they now said that the money cannot be wired and that I owe them more money. I have emails from them stating that they would refund my good faith if they could not come through with the funds. They are not coming through with the funds and now will not take my call. please help


7 years ago

Not depositing money into my account

I was looking for a payday loan online and was contacted by phone by this company,, wanting to know if I was still trying to get a loan online and I said yes. They ask me how much money I was looking to borrow and I told them $2,000.00. Nash Brown said that would not be a problem that all I had to do was prove that I had ten percent of the loan in cash for them to send the money directly into my account within 15 minutes. He asked me what I needed to borrow the money for and I told him I had children to take school shopping for clothes and supplies. He then instructed me to go to Walgreens, Walmart, or CVS and purchase a green dot moneypak for the sum of $200.00 as proof that I had the 10 percent of the loan. The man also said once I did that the $200.00 would be placed in my account along with the $2,000.00 making the total deposit $2,200.00. I went to Walgreens and purchased a green dot moneypak for the $200.00 and called him as he directed me to during our phone conversation. I gave him the numbers off the back of the card and he told me 15 minutes the money,$2,200.00, would be in my account. The children and myself are all excited that we were about to get to go school shopping and to eat, because that $200.00 was all we had. Actually I took our television to the pawn shop. Needless to say 15 minutes went by an hour went by and no money in my account. I did get in touch with them the next day and I asked to speak to a manager and they gave me his name as Keith Russell and his phone number(213)283-5680. I called and talked with Keith Russell and he said " ma'am did they tell you about the taxes?" I asked," what taxes?" He told me that they should have mentioned that there was a tax that had to be paid on any monies over $300.00. He said the taxes on the money I wanted to borrow had to be paid before the money would go into my account and that was the reason for the delay of the $2,200.00 going into my account. He instructed me to go and purchase another green dot moneypak for $180.00 to pay the taxes and the money would go directly on my account, again, in 15 minutes. I did advise him that I was recording his conversation as well as he was recording mine by the way, and I really did. I have numerous recordings of our conversations. Anyway, I gathered up my jewelry and went to the pawn shop with it. Took the money and purchased the green dot moneypak gave him the numbers and he told me the $180.00 would be added to the $2,200.00 deposit into my account within 15 minutes. Once again no money in my account! I am seething by this time because I have no money and have just about taken everything I have of value and pawned it and I am still broke! Again I contact these people to find out what is going on. They told me that it was a problem with my banking information that they attempted to deposit the money into my account several times with no success. This was kind of believable because I have had problems with my account as well. So they, I continue to say they because I am not sure whom I was talking to because they gave me a couple of other names and numbers to call, told me that they will send me the money Western Union for the total amount of everything that has been paid out on my behalf plus the loan. All I had to do is pay half the fee for sending the money Western Union. This fee was $110.00. I asked if I could pay the fee at the Western Union and he told me that the fee had to be paid from his end. Now I do have all of these conversations recorded mind you. Well all I can come up with is exactly $110.00. It cost $4.95 to activate each card. So I purchase a green dot moneypak for $105.00. Give the guy the numbers only after I inform him that I could only get a card for $105.00 if that would be a problem and he said no that would be fine that they would accept the money, so I proceeded to give them the numbers. Time rolls by again no money in my account. They told me for all my troubles they were depositing $4,495.00 into my account but the $110.00 had to be paid. I am into these guys almost $600.00 and they just laughed in my face and told me that they took my money and that there was not a thing I could do about it, quote unquote, f*** you a** hole, they said to me.

Phone number used was: 917-508-6219
Names used were: Keith Russell, Nash Brown

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