2 months ago

Never received a loan

I received a call today stating that I had a suit against me because I received a loan of 500 but they are demanding 3000 in which I never received at all
I鈥檝e applied for loans and never get approved so once they have your information it sucks


6 years ago

Did not answer my calls after I deposited the money

This company is a biggest fraud ever I repeat this website is a fake totally do not use I t you will lose all of you're money period. Mike Rhodes it sucks losing all of f you're working money , I'm soo passed off right now . Totally a fake website do not use it.


6 years ago

Fraudulent phone calls

Called and dtold me I was approved for $3000 but I had to go to an agent for verification with the irst months payment which is not due until next month at the end of the month, but, I had to prove that I could make the payment of $120.00. Then afer I go they will deposit the money through my cell phone into my acount.


7 years ago

A sked for fee b 4 loan was given

Scam artists please do not be fooled by these guys. They will stay on the phone with you until they receive the money you are asked to pay upfront. Then they won't answer or hang up on u. One time I called an I heard them laughing. Don't be a sucker like I was please. Any one asking for money upfront for a loan is more than likely a scam. Don't let the website fool u . I learned the hard way. Filed a complaint with the better business bureau.


7 years ago

Did not return money or issue a loan

I applied for a loan on the internet and was contacted by a company that identified themselve as FastCashJeannie. I followed their instructions and wind up losing all of my money that they promised to refund along with the loan. I was told that I had to send Patrick $ 350 via moneygram in order to receive a loan and the refunding of my money that I (foolishly) gave them.

These people spoke with middle eastern accents. In fact, every response that I received for a loan offer were foreigners, seemingly from the mid east. I spoke with a woman, Patrick, and a 2nd male but, Patrick was the very aggressive one. Something he said let me know he was of the Islamic faith. Could this be a subtle form of terrorism?

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