11 months ago

To be honest Fastcoin
is just an organized scam, I invested my life savings of about $560,000 and I couldn't access my funds.The world of digital currency has little regulatory oversight and a history of volatile prices, hacking threats, and minimal consumer protection.

Online sleuths and industry experts have analyzed the public transaction history of wallets – which are used to store, send, and receive cryptocurrency – and have raised the possibility that the cold storage reserves might still exist. Which prompted me to the next step contacting a valuable recovery agency expert, Luckily for me I was able to get back my funds with the help of mike Craig . recovery @ g mail . com


3 years ago

Clubfastcoin a fraudulent site.

I invested one Bitcoin with value of $1,367 dlls on May 1st. with the promised to be doubled in 45 days and they only paid me back 75% of my Bitcoin because they charged the fee of 25% for the package.

It is up today and they haven't pay me yet.

Don't get fool like me!!!


3 years ago

Joined their pyramid scheme where i invested 1150 USD and it was promised to double that in 2 months. I got my initial investment back and have not received anything more. The same happened to my friend!


5 years ago

If you purchase more than 1 coin from these people be sure to open package at the post office so you will have proof of what you receive. I purchased 5 1oz coins and received only 1 coin. Because they had delivery confirmation on the package, i got scammed out of $100.00. You have been warned.


7 years ago

Fast coin post the coin for sale on their website . I bought the coin and pay with the credit card. I got email right away and later they said, as their website instruction , you must call and confirm the price of the item and you have to pay cashier check or money order or wire. But when I bought the coin , I could able to pay with credit card or PAYPAL. Next day they cancel my order. What a shame businessman of Joel D Rettew. All their price Fast coin selling is high price. People should not buy that kind of Businessman like FASTCOIN.

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