1 year ago

Fraudulent Transaction

Advertised 30 day free trial of products Detox Burn Extreme and Keto Burn Extreme for the cost of shipping. Signed up on line and the screen went blank. No confirmation that transaction went through and no follow on emails or documentation. A week or so later I received the product with no documentation in box. Then three weeks later my credit card was charged $89 for each bottle. I got the phone number for the company from my credit union and called to tell them I would refuse shipment and to return my money. I was then told that the charges were for the original bottles sent, not new ones being sent. I told them I had not opened the bottles and would return them. They said they could not take a return. I asked for a refund of the $180. They first told me they could return $90. I continued to argue my point and they came up to a return of $110. I told them I would go to the BBB with a complaint. The guy put me on hold and came back and said he could return $120 if Ididn;t go to the BBB with a complaint.

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