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I been illegal hired as Package inspector for Fastinspectgoods Company

Fast inspect Goods, LLC. Herein after called "Company", is pleased to offer you a position as a QualitY Controller. We would like to make the following job offer and trust it will meet Your approval.
Our Company is a confidant of the Amazon Company. As a Quality Controller you are
committed to check the content of the packages, their condition and to answer
whether it matches the description. You will have to report to your Supervisor.
The primary responsibilitles for this position Include:
To facilitate the receipt and storage, movement and shipment of supplies, stock and materials,
To efficiently manage the timely flow of order processing'
You will earn $40 for every processed package on a monthly schedule. You can receive about 100 packages. The exact quantity will depend on your speed and quality of work. our automatic system will stop sending you any new items if you
have any delays with previous parcels. On the contrary, we
try to stimulate and reward fast-sending employees by topping them in the list of receivers.
company offers a comprehenslve employee benefits program, including health,
dental, and life insurance. You will be eligible for these enefits after you complete your 1 month probationary period. other benefits: 401-(k) and tuition reimbursement' imployee contribution to payment for benefit plans is determined nually'
The first 30 days of your work will be your probationary period. It will be fully paid.
During it your performance and suitability for employment will be evaluated. It is understood that the probationary period is designed to determine your suitability for continued employment by assessing your skills, performance and interpersonal
relationships. It is also a time for you to access Company as your employer' You will be able to sign an Employment Agreement after successful completion of your trial period.
You agree to abide all current and future policies, rules and procedures established by our Company. Please feel free to ask for clarification of anything you are not sure in.
This offer will be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the United States of America. This document constitutes the whole and entire agreement between you and our Company. If you accept this offer of employment, please sign

your name and date in the space indicated below and return it to the Company. This offer is in effect for five business days.
Below is the company siling stamp and Loo


2 years ago

Not returning my calls or e-mails

I answered an email sent through a Mystery Shopping website. They offered me a job as Quality Controller ie, inspecting and shipping packages. Very well organized with Offer letter and job description. Several packages arrived addressed to me. Then packages started arriving with various names . I sent a couple of packages back and informed via e-mail I sent them back because they were not addressed to me. They emailed and said packages will arrive in various managers names until I complete my 30 day probation.

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