Fastlane Courier

1 year ago

One of our drivers broke down in Ely, NV. The shop was suppose to get the new part from Salt Lake City. 3 hours away. Morning arrives and no part and was told it would not be till Monday morning till the van would be moving again. Since we transport animals this was not an option. The van had to be moving again that day.
I contacted Fastlane Courier, spoke with the owner and explained our situation and how important it was to have the part that day. The hardest part was sorting out my id so he could see we were indeed a legit company.
Once the part was lined up, Shane was on the stick, he got a driver in route, by 1 pm the part was delivered and by 2 our driver was back in route to CA to deliver our precious cargo.
Thank you Shane, with your help the driver was able to finish his route in time and every pet arrived home safely.


1 year ago

Fastlane was super friendly, very responsive, and they were able to deliver my package to Moab (4 hours away) in record time! Very happy with their customer service and attention to detail. Kolter answered my email inquiry from his cell phone on a Friday afternoon and Shane called the delivery location to find out what time they closed before he called me back to confirm our transaction. Very happy with my experience and we will be using them for courier services in the future without hesitation.

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