5 years ago

Yeah I know what you mean, me and my mom bought tickets to Ghana for the 25th July 2015 and we booked the tickets on the 22nd April 2015 that is three months early.
When Phil Collins booked the first ticket I wanted to confirm it with the airport but when I called I was told that the ticket wasn't booked so I told Phil Collins and he told me that he is sorry he didn't book them and that he has done it now.
Then the day to travel came only for me and my mom to be told that our ticket wasn't booked at all, my mom called Phil and he lied to US saying that he has which was a complete Lie then he had the nervous to tell us that we didn't make the full payment and it is our fault and we should pay him 拢2000 for a new ticket.
All we need now is our money back cause we wouldn't let him keep that money when he is a complete feak.
Someone needs to shut that fraud company down cause they would just continue to take other people's money.


6 years ago

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