6 years ago

This is a hoax; the name she goes by is Kay Vaitale and claims that she can perform spells that work. Kay will tell you that her credit card machine is down and too much fees involved, and ask that you send the money thru MoneyGram or Western Union. Kay will ask for your name, person鈥檚 name, DOB's and to send a picture if you鈥檙e comfortable doing so. Once you have done so, she will not return any of your calls & hides/responds only by text as being extremely busy. If you look on the site you will see so many errors/fraud signs, international number dialing in 011 not 001, and her 800 number as well as her email address is fake. She claims to live in Los Angeles CA, but the number she uses (310) 988-0307 comes up in Inglewood, CA. Once you see for yourself that you鈥檝e been scammed, she will not return your money, all though on her site it indicates a full refund. I myself was foolish to even consider this in the first place. Kay claims to be a woman of GOD, but fails to leave out that she is really a thief not a woman of her work or word, and will only scam you in the long run. I hope this helps anyone else that may think of doing this, too think hard and keep in mind the only person in the world who performs magic is GOD.

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