5 months ago

Bought software that doesnt work.
This company is a pure scam, they dont reply nor return money.


6 months ago

I paid with company email through paypal and never received license key. I tried to reach out to them but no reply, no acknowledgement. I am out $10 and for that this company gets 1 star review. Do not buy from them, there are other psd codec alternatives to view thumbnails of psd's out there.


11 months ago

Paid for software, never received download link, company did not respond to my emails, had to make a claim via PayPal to get a refund.

Awful business and awful customer support. Shame because the trial software worked very well and I was looking forward to having the full version, its poor service like this that discourages people from supporting software developers.


11 months ago

I ordered and paid for the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack, but have not received the download link; the company does not respond to my complaint.


2 years ago

No response from support team to user queries. I would not recommend this company

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