4 months ago

I'd like to start this off by expressing that I had many issues with FastPipe (Combahton) and their DDoS protection – and network – for a while now! Of course, I managed to report them all to my current hosting provider which uses Combahton, and later purchased services from FastPipe in hope they would be better. Thankfully, I managed only to purchase a VPS, just to test it out. I must say – I had a flawless experience with it! Let's start from the protection blocking many providers from my, and many other countries. I was able to connect to my server only by VPN, as it always kept blocking my provider. What a great start! After that, the another problem raised. Since I used to use Combahton's services for my Minecraft servers, it kept getting enabled under every single BOT ATTACK, and once it got enabled, it gracefully overloaded from 40k CPS Minecraft attack. Just to make it clear, I have an antibot in place, I have Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, my Disk is not overloaded, my CPU is not overloaded, my RAM is not overloaded. The only thing that kept getting overloaded is their network – and it happened only when the protection is enabled!!! Awesome! And the best of all, I reported all my issues a month ago (to be exact, my issue ticket is opened from 1st September! – IT'S 3rd OF OCTOBER NOW, AND THEY DID NOT MANAGE TO FIX IT!). I do understand they probably have some even more important things to do, but selling a product with that much bugs is just unacceptable. They are making huge efforts on opening more data centers, while even the existing ones are not functioning as expected.

Now, there are a few… better… sides. The support is decent, their server performance is… solid… deployment time is just a few hours, but in 2020, I would expect VPSes to be deployed automatically tho… Without staff needing to manually provision them. The web panel tho is great!

If you need dedicated servers and have a great remote DDoS protection, they may be a solid, cheap option, but I would still consider something else if you need your servers for a larger business.


11 months ago

Fastpipe disconnected the server to me (although I paid for the service). Support service answered me after 5 hours and immediately closed the ticket without solving my problem. Repeated calls to support did not solve anything. I can鈥檛 even pick up my files.


11 months ago

A terrible experience overall.

Their prices are really affordable, but you are bound to get much less value than what you pay for. Their support is nonexistent (useless most of the time) and their servers have constant unscheduled downtime (up to 1-2 hours each week), which is unacceptable for a production environment.

I'd say their really low prices make for great development servers. However, you'll have to be out of your mind to use them on an actual business.


2 years ago

Super Support, Super Leistung, Super Preis. Was will man mehr! TOP!


4 years ago

I have nothing to complain about. From day one the host has done everything to make and keep me happy. Their support even spend late eveninghours with me helping to optimize my server for my special needs. That you will not find elsewhere. I love these guys 🙂


4 years ago

Being customer since October 2015 with a dedicated server, I have never encountered any issues with them. Due to the nature of my project, I`m getting ddos attacks mostly every day. KMS Hosting was able to mitigate most of them without any hassle. They implemented optimizations very quick, even outside of their business hours.


4 years ago

Good servers, no downtimes and very performant, ddos protection works great. support is often reachable instantly.


5 years ago

I bought one vServer from this company. I tried to install some webservices on it, and changing some configurations, but nothing works. I created one ticket and told them about the issues, they went back to me, and told me to send some MTR records, which make no senses, since the whole configuration is messing up, when i try do so some changes and restarting the vServer, nothing is changed. Everything is the same igen, and the services i have setup and spend time on, isn't working at all.

I use the same configurations at another providers, (without problems) so the problems is created by kms-hosting. They have absolutely no brain to set up a proper "template" that will work for the customer. They now blame me for having done a lot wrong. I requested a refund since I do not have time to spend more hours on their useless vServer.

The vServer node is also totally overbooked! I cannot recommend this provider for anyone.

They threaten me with debt collection:

#13 | TicketID #345279741 | Unser Kundensupport – 02.12.15 20:09
Guten Tag,

no, you have to follow common law and also terms of service 🙂

Because you have opened a case with paypal, we will work with paypal to resolve it.

You will get no support once it's solved and your service will be suspended. Also, we reserve the right to escalate this case to our european collection service also called inkasso, which will produce extra costs for you.

Freundliche Gr眉脽e,


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