1 year ago

SCAMMERS. No respornse to email inquiries. No phone number to talk to anyone. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE [email protected]$&%*$#


1 year ago

Cheap plastic Dracula teeth. Have tried for months to get a refund. No response. Do not buy this crap!


1 year ago

I ordered what was supposed to be a product that you put over your own teeth which make it seem you are not missing a tooth and that look 100% natural and on their photos it did look very good BUT received a cheap hard plastic set of teeth! These are not even good enough to wear on halloween. Disgustingly horrible product. Then I find out this is a website that caters to "made in China" garbage.


10 years ago

if you receive an e-mail with details the same or similar to those below, DO NOT PROCEED.
It is a scam whereby an individual (supposedly in Italy) has a car to sell through the 'uk fast shipping Ltd'
Part with the money and you will never see it or the car ever again.
My daughter nearly got caught with this, and I am now in the process of reporting the scam to both Autotrader and to the authorities. But in the meantime, PLEASE TAKE HEED.

Full Name: Mihai Mircescu – UK Fast Shipping Ltd
Address: 56-58 st ann's road
Bank Name : Halifax Bank
IBAN: GB52HLFX11036001585535
Account number : 01585535
Sort code : 11- 03- 60
Swift: HLFXGB21K18

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