3 years ago

Hired Stephen Parker to fix computer, but in the end used the device to take most of my files, without permission! I have never had these returned . I never gave permission for him to use the illegal device called, Supremo. This is a DOUBLE SCAM!!


3 years ago

Stephen called me offering help and agreed to do the job for reasonable, but used a device sold by Italian company, Supremo. which does not require permission to ok remote control work on the owner's computer. As a result, Stephen Parker and the icon for Supremeo wouldn't leave my desktop. I now began to realize that he was removing files regularly from my computer. In anger, I used CCleaner to stop this action assuming they files were important to him. He disappeared for a few days, but then the icon was back. It looked like a little sailboat, blue, on a white background. When he started to take back the files or keep them hidden in duplicate. in other files. This is a double scam–first to enter my computer without authorization–then to actually use a remote device to steal almost all files and keep.

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