Fasttech Canada

1 month ago

The order got fulfilled by Amazon, Amazon sells for 70% cost. Plus no returns or exchange allowed. Requested for an exchange, and no response. Give some BS. Told them to give me what amazon will give you, still no response. Asked for exchange and will pay diff, no response.

Be careful before you place an order. Once placed, they will hide behind their return policy, which they do not explain when you place an order.


5 months ago

Whatever you do, do not purchase anything from this company. Their have a no return policy. Be sure to read everything including all their bad reviews (wish I had) before making the purchase should you dare.


10 months ago

dont buy from this scam website. first off it only took 2 weeks of my order to arrive even though they say two days, second i ordered 3 things from the site but only got 2 items, the only stuff that i can use is the thermal paste and they sended me the wrong internal fan. dont trust this scammy website because i fell for it and i paid $90 of the things i cant use


1 year ago

After waiting FOUR WEEKS for my PS4 power supply to come in, it finally came. Unfortunately they sent the complete wrong part.. called them and they apologized, said they would email me a return shipping label for the part they sent, and also rush deliver the part that they were supposed to send in the first place. They said it would take no longer than 3 days. 3 days later I still haven't received an email with the shipping label so I call. After getting disconnected twice and put on hold while they try to figure things out, they finally tell me that there's an issue with the canada post (which has nothing to do with not sending me an email OR lying about when my part will be sent out), and my part is out of stock, won't get it for another 3-4 weeks. I said no thanks, I want a refund. I will never never never deal with these people again. Wow


2 years ago

Shehroz Kaiser the oprator and sole employee of (also leetmods) has spent the summer making dozens of fake accounts on all sorts of sites in a vain attempt to harass myself and my family. He's still refusing to admit he's ripped of either me or the long line of previous customers and lying about not just myself but everyone else who reported his slimey behaviour. He's even claiming the bank refused to do a chargeback which is an outrageous lie as I have the credit card statements to prove that they've already done so. One of the reviews on accurately described him as a BRUTAL THIEF. But in this moment he's an inch away from criminal charges not just for the fraud but stalking and harassment as well.

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