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Below is my original review beginning with the word Awful which I wrote some weeks ago. Today I received a cheque from Fasttrack since they agreed that one of their now ex employees had falsified a date on the letter of authority sent to my bank. The letter from Fasttrack was very courteous and to be fair, whenever I phoned Fasttrack whoever I spoke to, they were always very polite. I was extremely lucky that my bank sent me a copy of the letter of authority that they had received since if they hadn't my claim would have probably not have been successful. I would recommend Fasttrack to not threaten people with legal action before investigating their complaint. If they hadn't threatened me I wouldn't have written the review that I did. I now am not certain what to think about Fasttrack since they did look into my complaint and eventually reached the right decision.

Awful. Fast Track Reclaim falsified a date on the authorisation letter that I signed and took forever to do anything other than to ask me to fill in other forms and it was only when I contacted the bank myself that things got done. I signed an authorisation form on 27th October 2018 to say that Fast Track could contact my bank. On 11th April 2019 I contacted my bank, after being sent a long form from Fast Track to fill in (which I didn't fill in), and from that point my bank got things sorted. On 8th May 2019 Fast Track contacted my bank nearly a month after I had got things rolling and included a copy of the authorisation form that I signed on 27/10/18 with a date of 22nd April 2019 handwritten by someone else beside my signature. My bank then included Fast Track in communications thinking that I still wanted Fast Track to be involved since the date I supposedly signed was after 11th April 2019. The date on the authorisation letter was clearly written by someone else, hence my referral to falsification earlier. Since I got my claim sorted 3 weeks after the date Fast Track contacted my bank it is clear that the successful claim was as a result of my actions rather than Fast Track鈥檚, no bank goes from contact to refund in 3 weeks! Since more than 6 months had passed since I signed the authorisation form, that form was no longer in force when Fast Track sent it to my bank, this probably explains why someone at Fast Track company falsified the date. The 6 months thing comes from a government restriction placed on companies such as Fast Track in connection with PPI claims.

I contacted Fast Track and got a letter from them telling me that they were sorrow that I was unhappy with what they had done and that they would look into things to try to see if I had a case. Meanwhile I've been harassed by a company acting on Fast Track鈥檚 behalf to get the money from me that Fast Track think they are owed.

Below is an e-mail I received last Monday, I've also received a message via my mobile phone threatening me with County Court, all this while Fast Track was supposed to be looking into the complaint I made!!! Apparently they have unilaterally decided to harass people while still looking into their complaints.

I am obviously very disappointed. I have paid the money that Fast Track claim they were owed but await a full refund when either Fast Track or the legal ombudsman has sorted things out.

Dear David

Your ref: 142707858

Our records show that after numerous reminders your invoice is currently
still outstanding in respect of your PPI refund.

Please be advised that we are giving you 24 hours鈥?notice before
your case is passed to Debt Recovery where legal action may commence.

This will incur additional costs which will be added to the balance owed.

You can make payment by clicking on the button below or by calling our collections team on
Tel:01642 309320 to prevent this action



Fast Track Reclaim


3 years ago

I feel need to tell people of my experiance with fastrack ppi claim,they told me you dont need old statements proveing you paid just tell us people you had bank cards with mortguages with ( and we will do the rest ).
I had loads of phone calls asking for proof once i had started useing fast track loads of letters often about the same items they had previously contacted me about, so it went on for 6 mnths ,one by one they said no you dont qualify and so it went on , then congratuations you have ppi refund ,we are so pleased we have managed to get your money back, a cheque is in the post, great i thought a refund.

A week later i got a cheque for 拢11.90 less fastrack percentage, i sent the cheque back to them saying you better keep this for all paper & phone calls, they sent it back to me and said we wont take our pecentage. Morrel of this story A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME you do need old statements proveing you paid ppi.

And you can make your own claim , not fastrack.



8 years ago

Just got back my PPI super fast, plus they found an extra 2 loans that i hadn't realised had PPI which I'm due to get back too. Bonus.

A+++++++ recommend!


8 years ago

I used Fasttrack PPI to claim money back. They were helpful from the beginning and had a very professional approach. Would definitely recommend them using them.

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