9 months ago

Fake service

Purchase from seller, seller sent tracking from this company. Day of delivery tracking changes to 鈥渘eeds stamp鈥? No phone number on site. After emailing, got reply that I needed to pay $250 insurance stamp so package would not be held by police at customs. Order was from Texas to Arizona. After repeated communication all through email. They became rude, cussing and saying my package would be delivered to the President and they dont care. Told me they scammed me and would again.


1 year ago

Scammed over buying an animal using fake addresses fake names fake emails and more

I tried to buy an otter from someone that lives in Arizona but he made up everything he lives in Nigeria he鈥檚 a scammer for a living and the 鈥渟hipping company鈥?which is fake had me pay $756 to be shipped which covered insurance and a crate which would鈥檝e gotten refunded back to me once it got here but everything I was a part of was fake

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