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Exclusive Jobs Roulette AI Scam review: westernasset, XLGAINS, Inovatis, fastwin, tech-analysts, succescode, eurologics, guez

ou might have seen this on Facebook. A job offer for software tester, offered by Exclusive Jobs or another similar site. Once you register, you are told that you will have to use their AI to place bets on an online casino, like Magicazz. It's a guaranteed win, they will say. It's a scam, stay away! Their so called AI uses Martingale, which is banned by the casino anyway. 14. The casino reserves the right to remove winnings and withhold withdrawals where irregular play is evident. Irregular play is defined by the casino as one of the following. i. Using double up strategies like Martingale etc.

Search for the following websites and you will see that all of them are the same. The positive comments are the same and your so called mentor is the same, Anthony.

eurologics biz
guez com
softmastersolutions com
westernasset pro
Inovatis net/en
https://fastwin pro
tech-analysts com
https://succescode com/

You will find online review websites, all created by the same scammers. If you check the organization name for the domain owner, you will find Whois privacy and some of the websites are created on the same date.

Take care, stay safe from scams!!

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