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The email below and attached photos are a scam. The photos can be found with a simple goggle image search dating back to 2012. Website is now shut down and I emailed them back one final comment… shame on you for scamming people with this bullsh*t. I hope you are found and prosecuted.

Thanks for visiting my site and considering to take one of my lovely teacup Pomeranian puppies home. I strongly believe you contacted me for a reason so which ever other kennel, breeder or website you have visited, contacted or wherever you find your self, the fact that you are here means you are willing to get a puppy from me. One of the greatest feed back i always get from people comes when they tell me how their whole families are satisfied getting a puppy from me so definitely i will do the same for you. This means we want you to experience the same thing acquiring a puppy from me but it won鈥檛 be easy unless you take your time to read through this email. Decide that you鈥檙e going to honor your own time by not skimming through these email like it was some throwaway blog article. Your time is the single biggest asset you have, and you need to respect it and treat it right (I trust you will). Don鈥檛 spend your time in vain by not being present and focused as you read.

Specializing and finding priority in the pure bred Pomeranian puppies, i breed puppies in all AKC recognized standards and colors. With total emphasis on the hallmark temperament, health, and conformation my dogs are screened for hip/elbow, eyes, cardiac and all related diseases common within the breed. Puppies are whelped and raised inside our home here in Alexandria, VA. Any puppies i do not keep for the continuation of my breeding generations are placed into loving companion homes. I offer free shipping for adopters of distant location and i do all of the arrangements. Not only finding interest on the above mentioned, i also take pride in the fact that my puppies have been exposed to water gun shot, toys, kids and other dogs. Visit our web page once more to conform with us your choice of puppy and your location and also mention if shipping is necessary so i can guide you on the whole procedure.

*I have 4 gorgeous males namely Porter, Jordan, Luscious and Bash. And 3 lovely females namely Lisa, Daisy and Chloe
Taking pride from the story of Jessie, there are way too many reasons to acquire a puppy from me ranging from affordable prices as I`m asking $450 on each puppy be it male or female. Selfless and kind have you heard the story of Jessie, In 2010 a 5-year-old, Pomeranian named Jessie, was found outside of the same hospital that his owner was staying in. Paul Grahams, got a phone call one morning on his cell phone. He was shocked when the person at the other end told him he was standing outside of the same hospital he was a patient in, and had his dog. The dog seemed sad and had been moping around his house before deciding to do something about it. Jessie, made an arduous 2-mile hike to the hospital that included crossing a nature reserve, stream and busy 4 lane highway. Though it鈥檚 an exceptional story, Jessie is by no means an exception to the rule as most Pomeranian dogs love to help out. This is one of the prime reasons i devoted my private time in breeding Pomeranian puppies. I as well accept a $300 deposit to schedule appointments for prospective buyers who are close enough and will like to visit our kennel and pick up.
I breed Pomeranian puppies not just because it's one way to fight puppy mills but also because your home will thank you for bringing a new puppy in. I`m not in the quest for money as i rather seek just homes which are willing and fit to take care of my puppies. It will definitely cost you less because of the bragging rights. No one needs to see another selfie unless it鈥檚 a selfie of you with the adorable pet you just adopted! Adopt a pet, post those pictures and let the well-earned likes roll in.. This explains why i charge fees which are relatively cheap as compared to what other breeders may be asking. My fees are just good enough to suffice medication and feeding already spent on the puppy.

We hold more information for you and pictures as soon as you are able to get back to us with your choice of puppy(s) and your location. With all the above mentioned it will also be of much appreciation if you can give me an insight about yourself, environment where the puppy is to be raised and also if this is your premier experience with the breed and lastly how soon you want to acquire this puppy. Get back to us for more information on how to have all of this started up. Thanks and i look forward to establishing a relationship with you.

Best Regards.
Do you have additional or current photos? Where are you located and how is payment accepted if we decide to move forward?

Attached to this email are pics of the puppies i have available namely; Lisa, Daisy, Chloe, Bash, Jordan, Luscious and Porter, please inform me of your choice of puppy so i can provide you details on how the adoption process works. I`m giving each of them for $450 which includes free shipping if you`re not close to my location. Wj=hat`s your choice of puppy and where you location. Stay blessed and waiting.

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