1 month ago

OK. I know about COVID. But we're almost a year into this. No more excuses for shoddy service, unreturned calls and failure to ship orders. Time to shape up or get out of the online retail business.


3 months ago

I received the Christmas box last year and was very excited about the contents which supplied many options for projects.
I looked forward to ordering the box this year and was disappointed when it arrived because it basically has one project to make for a young child. It certainly was not worth the money which was charged. Sure it had thread, socks and a minky scarf but those are not creative items.
I won't be ordering the 2021 box.


5 months ago

I have been an occasional sewist for the last 20 years. I knew enough to make my kids' Halloween costumes, pirate garb for school plays, and faerie skirts for festivals, but never really had a need to invest much time or money into the hobby. It was more of a "mom" thing to do than a true "I love this!" hobby.

Then COVID hit. Early on I pulled out my ancient Singer Scholastic and started making masks. And it was a chore… then miraculously, my Singer died. After a few trials I ended up getting a Husquvarna Viking Brillance 80 (I wanted the Epic 2, but really could not justify that price tag for something I may or may not use on a regular basis). I fell in love. My Viking has replaced my iPad as my favorite toy. So all of a sudden looking online for sewing notions replaced me obsessively looking for toilet paper and Lysol wipes as the bedtime anxiety shopping. I don't know what I was looking for but I found a link to the Fat Quarter Shop (FQS) and I had hours worth of virtual shopping fun instantly! I compiled a fairly large order but let it sit in my cart for a while. I was afraid of the unknowns with COVID: shipping and new (to me) vendors. My husband, tired of watching me lust over this cart nightly, encouraged me to hit "buy".

I absolutely love being able to use PayPal. I appreciate the level of detail given in item descriptions, the videos and tutorials, and the large variety of everything… especially everything pink (the Lori Holt line is a new favorite!).

So I obsessively checked my order status and finally called after about 8 business days. I am NOT a very patient person under most circumstances and I wanted my pretties. The original order confirmation email stated an 8 to 14 day delay, longer times reserved for yardage… so I just wanted to check in. Customer service was highly apologetic but wonderful in explaining why things were delayed.

In my opinion, as an immune compromised individual, any company that needs a small amount of time to make sure that orders are being processed safely, taking the health and wellness of employees, their families and communities, and customers into account deserves business; regardless of how long their location of origin has been opened up from stay at home mandates, safety first. I finally got my order at 15 or so days after I hit "buy" and an item was missing. I called and had a lovely exchange with the customer service rep and my issue was handled quickly. It was a packaging issue and nothing that could have been prevented by the FQS, but they did everything that they could to take care of the issue in a timely manner. Before my replacement item arrived I placed a second order that shipped within a few days.

I am excessively impressed with their customer service, as I have called three times in the last month. The level of care with packaging seems appropriate for the items purchased and I found the yardage packages ingeniously nested with exceptional care.

Now I have a beautiful and almost fully stocked sewing room that is a joy to work in, making me love my newfound hobby more.

I know in a COVID world we are all experiencing a delay in the instant gratification of real time shopping, but the Fat Quarter Shop is doing everything they can to keep us supplied well. We cannot blame them for a worldwide pandemic and should be appreciative that they are working so hard to accommodate what I can only assume is a very large uptick in orders at a time when supply lines have been drying up. As of the date of this review their COVID-19 delays are between 2-4 days from order. To quote the Christian community, some grace is in order, especially given the extreme extenuating circumstances we all find ourselves in.

Photo is of my dining room turned sewing room… we aren't throwing any dinner parties any time soon, I might as well use the space fully.


7 months ago

I submitted my order 1 month ago and they recently "shipped" my order. However, there's still no record of the package received by USPS, only "Label Created". I chatted with FQ's customer service and they said I have to wait 2-4 months in order for them to file a claim with USPS. I'm not sure how that's going to work since there no proof USPS even received the package for shipping. In the meantime, FQ has already charged me for the order. Luckily I paid with PayPal and there's a 20 day window to submit a claim. I'm hoping I'll get a refund via PayPal. Definitely stay away from this shop!!


8 months ago

I placed an order on June 7th 2020. They told me my order wouldn't be shipped for 17 -22 days AFTER I placed the order. They are in Texas. Texas has been opened for weeks. I told her to cancel my order. Placed another order for the same floss with another online store. It shipped out the next day. How does it take 3 weeks to ship out an order? I don't even know if I'll get my money back. I will never order from them again.


8 months ago

I wish I'd found the reviews here before I ordered. I ordered on May 13. Today is the 29, and still no shipment notification. Emailed them, or her rather, because it appears to be a one person show, yesterday to inquire, and got no response. Interestingly I read a review that said someone had problems 2 years ago, before any worldwide pandemic. FQS sure makes their business look legit with all the social media advertising they do. Next time I will google reviews on a company.


9 months ago

This company gave me a bad experience before so I stayed away from them for 2 years. But what was I thinking, I made an another purchase on May 3rd and now on May 25th I still have not received my fabric.
Pandemic and the self isolation should not give this much delay, specially if your company can keep advertising and post on social media all day long. Emails, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter….If you have the time to post, move yourself to go cut those customers order. IF, YOU CAN'T, DON'T ADVERTISE!! I forgot that I stayed away from them for the same reason and made a mistake and purchased again. Now, they have my payment and I'm stuck. BUYER, BEWARE!!


9 months ago

Has been over a month since placing order and still hasn't shipped. Terrible customer service. Waste of time and money


1 year ago

I have never had a more frustrating or annoying time trying to find fabrics at fatquartershop.com. You have to know the manufacturers and collections by heart to shop there. All I wanted was a collection of fabrics on a theme, but you can't type in a "theme" of fabrics there and get any results that are fabric. You get a couple of pages of crap that is not at all relevant to what you were shopping for. ONLINE HAS TO BE EASIER THAN SHOPPING IN PERSON AND HAS TO PROVIDE DETAILS AND IF YOU DON'T GET THAT, YOU DON'T BELONG ONLINE.


3 years ago

Not sure if the fabric was wrinkled in transit due to packaging or came that way from the manufacturer. I had to iron out each piece. I liked the selection on FQS site and was willing to pay a premium (lots of cheaper online fabric options) because they had everything I wanted in one shopping cart. But the experience was not great due to quality of what I received. So I overpaid and had to iron out the wrinkles.


8 years ago

I have shopped here several times and have had no problems.


11 years ago

Giving my email address to this company produced a great deal of spam from other companies. Since I don't get spam much and this company was the only entity to receive my email address in ages, they have to be sharing email addresses.

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