6 months ago

This is the best app made ever!
If you need to look after your own diet and know how you eat – there is not even app better than FatSecret.
Easy entering info, you can always add your food and just add the info from the value that the food has, it will calculate everything else for you. Love it!


6 years ago

A good and safe site. Does what it says. It is safe too.


7 years ago

Very helpful site to help me obsess about my weight….really, well done.


8 years ago

This is a social site. As such Privacy is not relevant.
You can share your diet experiences with others and even have a "buddy" to help you to stick to your diet. There are lots of food ideas and exercise ideas and support.


11 years ago

A free, social network type of diet and exercise tracking site. If you use it, just like twitter, facebook and others, your information can be searched, and not private, watch your information you post and all will be well.

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