1 year ago

I ordered something from them 3 weeks ago. I have not seen my product or been able to get in contact with them to ask about my purchased product. I was hoping that this was a legitimate site but seems to be a scam. Don't use them. Now I have to figure out how to get my money back.


1 year ago

Buyer beware: Classic Asian e-commerce fashion scam, complete with stolen photos from other designers/artists.

Too many to mention. There's a photo of turquoise boots in a Facebook newsfeed ad depicting genuine leather creation from Lane Boots; this vendor using their photo doesn't even include the material in item description- major RED FLAG. There's another photo on their site featuring a pair of genuine leather ankle boots with brown upper and floral embellishments taken from Turkish designer Kalitelli Hayat- real things retail for $120.45 in US dollars. Also a casual rustic boot with American flag motif taken from Dan Post. Original work seems expensive, but there's no shortcut to quality. Only reason vendors do this is they don't want to show the knockoffs they're sending out.

Other red flag: Domain name in their contact email- chicyoins. com- is used for several other scam sites, including LemonWearing, Chicyoins Dress, The Wonderful Dream, DressStars, Yomifashion, Xstudiohub. And THAT is buyer's only point of contact, so good luck resolving issues or getting refunds. .

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