7 years ago

Something told me not to order from this website. I should have listened to that little voice that said "you're going to regret this". Immediately they over charged my credit card. I sent them a message telling them that they did. The response from them was "we received the correct amount. Check your bank". I knew I shouldn't have placed the order so the same day that I ordered, I sent them a message to cancel my order. They said they couldn't do that because my order had already been shipped out. REALLY? Just a few hours after I ordered? I then asked for the tracking number. They responded with "You're order has not shipped. You will receive a tracking number when your order ships". Around and around we go until they will no longer respond to me. Today I checked my bank account and they have charged my card again. They will not respond. I had to go to my bank to file a dispute of the charges and cancel my bank card so they can't charge me again. Dealing with this company has been a nightmare. I also found out that they have several websites, the same company but with different names. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!

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