Favors To Treasure

10 years ago

I looked all over the web to find a site that sells chocolate favors for baby showers. There are fewer than you'd think. I finally found "Favors to Treasure" and they are a treasure!

I found a favor I liked, but I asked for some changes to make it perfect. They were very accommodating. They worked with me to build the perfect baby shower favor, and listened when I made requests for how they should be placed in the bag, and then they helped determine how the shapes I chose would fit into each bag so that they wouldn't break.

I was able to get a sample, and when it arrived melted (due to them trying new heat-resistant packaging in the summer) they explained what they had done and quickly sent out another sample, in their original heat-resistant packaging — no issue.

When I found out I needed fewer than my original quantity, they allowed me to reduce my order as they hadn't completely finished making all my favors. They didn't tell me I had to stay with my original quantity.

Email responses were fast and pleasant, prices were reasonable. They shipped on time. They gave clear instructions on how to unpack the favors so they wouldn't break.

And also important — the chocolate is delicious!

All in all a great experience! I would recommend them to anyone looking to give chocolates as favors at their next party.

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