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4 months ago

It鈥檚 coin price extended its rise above the $10,900 resistance against the US Dollar. However, BTC is struggling to clear the all-important $11,000 barrier and it could decline sharply. There was an upside extension in bitcoin price above the $10,700 resistance against the US Dollar. BTC even broke the $10,800 resistance level and settled nicely above the 100 hourly simple moving average and it seems like the $11,000 barrier is already in play. Many questions flying around by various analysts and experts, will bitcoin surge? or will the price of bitcoin decline? Trading is the only safe hedge for investors in the crypto world but the pressure and technicality that comes with trading crypto is high but with the right setup, knowledge, and skillset an investor can stay profitable and unfazed all year long regardless the price fluctuation in crypto and tokens. I trade daily with trade signals from Luis T, I even trade DEFi coins from his trade signals and the results have been amazing. Ever since I started copying Luis Trade signal in my trades my portfolio has been explosive with profits which is why I would urge investors to trade with a guide like him. He can be reached via Telegram @Luist62 for any crypto related inquiries.

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