7 years ago

N茫o cumpre sua promessas

Since august,28th, I've been trying to get my money back as I can't pay my hosting plan (suddenly my card closed). I claim my refund but until now… only one answer when I put my testimonial in this group on facebook. But…. no answers til now. I only have to suppose that this is a SCAM. So, be careful if you don't have cash to buy the insiders products.


7 years ago

Segundo cobro sin previo aviso

Hola,he visto en mi cuenta bancaria un cobro de 36$ y me ha parecido sospechoso,asi que porfavor me gustaria que me reembolsaran el dinero de nuevo a mi cuenta porfavor.
Vi vi en Espa帽a.
M ellamo Francisco Molina merino.
Mi tarjeta acaba en 5018.
Thank you.
Espero queme puedan solucionar el problema.


7 years ago

Not refund the monthly charge.

This is about my invoice N潞 10407. I didn't know I was asked to pay more U$ 97 to the newsletter. As soon as I knew I claimed my refund of this charge of U$ 97 cause I know my credit card problems. It has almost no credit. I've sent this information in time (guarantee) but I was saw as a bad intentioned person, but I am not. I'm just a poor teacher with credit problems. So,.. again,I claim this refund of U$ 97 and I'm very sorry for all this mass.

Waiting for your confirmation,
Tereza Cristina


7 years ago

Unable to get a refund

Only a one time charge of $7.00 was portrayed to try it out. Then i was billed $47.00 on Sep.7thThere was never any mention of a $47.00/mt on the invoice or otherwise, so in all its $54.00 off my card.
I am trying to contact fb-vault for a refund and there is no way i could get on to them for a refund or stop the charge ot my card. Fb-vault has a 100% money back. The system is of no use to me as i am in the field of niche web site building that's why i cancelled.I already unsubscribed


7 years ago

Signup for one thing and charged for somethig else

100% lifetime money back guarantee,
No question,No hassles, No problems
After signed for VB-vault on 7/13
That said a 1 time payment of $7.00
I get a invoice on 8/13 for $97.00.
For a news letter that I didn't know i signed up for,They said i had 30 days to cancel, And at that time i told them that i wanted to cancel it, Between 7/13 & 8/13 I thought was still within the 30 days,But was told the 30 days was up on 8/08 but that's 27 days.
And that there is no refunds,
So ask what happen to the guarantee
And was told that it didn't apply to the news letter.Only to FB-Vault,
If i had known about the news letter i would not have signed up for FB-Vault.


7 years ago

Taking money for entry into a process

After excepting a $7.00 fee and roughly going through his process there is no communication to questions but more emails just asking for more money for more info to increase your online earnings. He offers a guarantee to a refund if not satisfied but I receive no answer just more emails with offers trying to get more money

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