4 months ago

Selling 20 units a day with his help. I was looking to log in when I scrolled down a bit and saw this site, figured I'd leave a review haha.


7 months ago

Great course, launched a product and did pretty well, currently on the search for my second one. There were some hiccups but a quick email and I had my answer


1 year ago

the short answer is NO… i have purchased this course for $500 only to find out that i have just lost $500, nothing new or diffrent from those 100's of free videos on youtube, AMAR the owner of the course promise to provide 12 month of one on one support but good luck getting hold of him when you need him. over all very bad experience save your money and better off invest that money in a product and dive in and learn as you go even if you do mistakes thats okay, you will lean ton more this way than spending money for a useless course like FBA Genius

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