9 years ago

To anybody who sees this, don't trust it.

I have an FBVN account, it worked well for awhile but now it's stopped working.
For five days I have been trying to get their "customer service" to help me fix the problem. Nothing's been solved; they don't even bother to read previous e-mails so they've just kept repeating solutions that haven't worked (note: FBVPN expects you to have a pretty good understanding of VPN software, how a DNS works, how an IP works, how server connections work – the one plus side of all this is that thanks to their inept and vague responses, I have learned a lot about all these things on my own because I HAD TO).

Also, many of their responses are by people who do not speak English fluently, so if you do decide to use this appallingly bad VPN, make sure to speak simply.

But the best solution is to avoid them all together and go for one of their competitors.


10 years ago

Yes finally I got my internet freedom back, and service is good, price is really cheap. Hope you guys setup UK servers soon!


10 years ago

I just joined yesterday tested few hours and found that your FBVPN service speed is fantastic as what I'd compared with other VPN service. I'm fanatics VPN user since few years back (started 2005). Configuration is simple as 1, 2, 3 it's take me less than 30 second and everything working good and fine.

Hope the service will maintained as what is now and keep your good jobs contentiously forever, thanks. Will invite more friends to join FBVPN service (Faster and Better VPN).


10 years ago

I have been using FBVPN for one day and have been very pleased. I've never had connection drops in that time. The speed is really fast, I can watch Hulu, Youtube. One more thing you don't need to install anything on your computer. Its setup tutorial is really really helpful. It took me only one minute to setup on my Mac-Book. I'd recommend them if you 're looking for a good, easy to use, VPN service.


10 years ago

I set up the VPN and am finding it very good so far. The set up was very simple thanks to the tutorial and very quick to set up. I browsed sevaral blocked sites such as Youtube, Facebook and google.com and have had no problems whatsoever. I agree that it is very fast. I'm going to keep using today because I do a lot of searches on google.

Compared to the VPN I use at home, this one is much easier to access. It instantly connects when you put in your user name and password whereas the one I use at home sometimes needs about 30 seconds to a minute.

Also this one doesn't seem to attract any pop-ups which is good. When I use my VPN at home, a pop-up appears about every 5 minutes which is really annoying.

$5 a month is quite reasonable if the VPN stays this fast and reliable. I would recommend it to friends.

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