3 months ago

I am a buyer in Infinity Waters – it is not built and we all nearly lost our money. The flats were also moved around after people bought units – which were changed with no notice. These guys should not still work for Eliot Lawless or Eliot Group as they are crooks


3 months ago

This the same Architect firm who designed infinity waters project with Elliot Group and in the middle of development they found out the building is not safe any more and they had to redesign the whole tower and our flats moved from floor to floor and east to west…

Also they are working with Elliot group which tells the story, Elliot Group and its owner Elliot Lawless has taken millions of GBP of investor and has not delivered many projects and have put them into administration. i.e. Infinity Water, Aura etc.

And this company still working with such a builder and not worry about their own reputation, then i would say something fishy going around.

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