1 month ago

It's normal to win and lose when investing. But its heartbreaking when you know you have been cheated. I was caught up in a scam with FDI Funds last month that cost me 3BTC. These guys came up with a fake story of being hacked when it was actually an insider affair. Luckily I was able to track and recover my funds' thanks to fightingscams at AOL dot com. I strongly recommend them to other victims going thru similar situations. Together we can uncover the truth and save millions of other people.


3 months ago

Once i made my first deposit their support was ok, and they were trying for a week to convince me to deposit more money. I didn't and since then, they have never answered my calls and emails. I withdrew twice, money left my fdi account but never arrived in my bank account. Be trying to reach them for over a month now but never got an answer…

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