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i purchased an awning from this company after i had spoken to their salesperson who informed me that it would be preferable for my only criteria and that was to protect my furniture (this was my 4th request) so I believed I had done my homework. Well it rained and guess what there is a gap on the left hand side where their handle is to open and close the awning and therefore the rain filters through this hole and saturates my furniture (I have to tell you that it was custom made) (sic..). Please believe me when I tell you that their rep came to my house was shown the actual area where I needed to protect my furniture, was shown that there was an awning on my bedroom window to protect my room from the rain and yet they managed to erect this awning which was extended to my other awning and therefore not only flood the area but break my other awning so that my bedroom was filtered with water – lucky I noticed it in time before it touched the electronics on the floor. I therefore sent them an email in distress and asked them to uninstall this ……. and their response was it needed to be retracted when it rained and I would have been explained of this situation at time of first visit and also when installer installed this awning. Well it is quite funny that I was not informed of this in the english language maybe they used sign language and maybe their own invention but I was informed by the installer that if the wind became too strong to close the awning. I therefore was a bit confused and emailed the company for not only a receipt of payment but also warranty details and how to maintain this awning. Well I did receive receipt but was informed that they would look for the other info that I kindly asked for. I will be pursuing this further but must mention that the owner of the company did ring me and inform me that if I mentioned anything derogatory online he would have no hesitation in suing me for defamation. I thanked him for his kind words and informed him that I would only be telling the truth.


2 years ago

I am at a loss why this man would deliberately falsify the truth. I did take some action and wrote to Department of Fair Trading – which believed I had a case for action and followed up by requesting a refund on my behalf. The response that they received from this company, mainly the owner is indescribable and abundantly fabricated. see below :

"thank you for your email. I have previously spoken with Silvana and discussed this matter at length with her. I have also spoken to the sales representative and the installer and note the following points

The sales rep recalls discussing at length with Silvana that the product she purchased is a sun only' product and must be retracted in wind and rain
He can recall specific detail in relation to this subject. He does not agree that Silvana discussed with him protection for her furniture against rain

The installer as per company policy also confirmed to Silvana the correct use of the product, including not allowing the product to be extended during wet weather and high winds. I note Silvana also conceded this in her statement, yet still chose to leave the product extended during significant recent weather events. I also note, that despite being left extended in high wind and rain the product fortunately was not damaged.
Attached is a copy of the terms and conditions that form part of the contract we had with Silvana. Item 10 specifically states that all fabric awnings must be retracted in high wind and rain.
I note that the area where the folding arm awning product was installed is very typical of where this type of product would be used. A court yard area without sun protection. The product is defect free and installed correctly.

The product we have supplied is custom made to specifications chosen by Silvana. Ie: size, frame colour and fabric colour. We cannot re-use this product elsewhere, we are therefore not prepared to refund Silvana. I would suggest that she can still make very good use of the product for sun protection, and that if she wishes to keep furniture outside, then only a fixed building structure would be suitable.

We have also noted that Silvana has campaigned against us on social media and product review sites. Although we believe in consumers right to express their opinions and share their experiences, it is not lawful to commence a campaign against a company with the intent to do it harm. We are reviewing whether this has occurred and will take appropriate action.

Please feel free to forward this email onto Silvana, let me know if you wish to discuss the matter and I can give you a call"
He then attaches a copy of their terms and conditions
but what is extremely miraculous, is – they are not the terms and conditions that I have in my possession, in fact I have never sighted these "terms and conditions" before. This man is a disgrace and I am now pursuing further legal action. I have been advised to do so by the Department of Fair Trading.

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