8 months ago

I ordered a hat from Fearbox in January 2020. Needed it for an event 5 days later, Website said: Delivery in 1-3 days.

After payment I got a personal message: logistical problems, my goods will come later. After the event. Ok. S*it happens.

Wrote a friendly reply: ok, deliver anyway.

Some – many – days after the announced delivery I asked Fearbox: where is my hat? Answer: It came back from you, unaccepted. (I get lots of packages here – usually they don麓t get lost). But still: S*it happens. Again?

I was promised a second delivery, confirmed the adress – and never heard from them again. Forgot about the issue for a while, asked again: what happened to my goods? I want my hat or my money back.

No answer.

Wrote again: They claimed (no correct quote, just roundabout the meaning): "oh, surprised to hear from you now. We sent a second package and never heard from you. And the last mail you are writing about never reached us, sorry."

Lots of S… happening??

I was promised to be taken care of. No answer again. After asking again, Fearbox said: Sorry, Lady in Charge got sick. Next person in charge promised to answer one day later. Did not get back to me after that.

Now it is 8 days later again. And I am sick of it.

Two stars, because there is a rest of a doubt that there was really a lot of S… happening here?? They answered many times and seemed like they WANTED to take care of things. But the truth is: in the end, they never did.

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