Fearless Media

1 year ago

Pros: I get to meet very talented and liberal co-workers. They are also very hardworking.

Cons: Though I love working here, I couldn't tolerate the drama, suspense, and egoistic mind of some employees and heads. We are all employees of this company but it seems like one should always be above the others. The workload is also suppressing. You're not yet done with the first task but here comes another. It's a never-ending work here that's why the turnover is very high.


1 year ago

The managers are incompetent and inefficient. A lot of times, we were made to join meetings, where we just wasted time instead of finishing our tasks. Most of them also do not know how to take constructive criticisms. Also, instead of improving themselves, they'll just blame the mistakes on employees. This company's poor management will destroy them company.

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