2 years ago

A real gem of a shop where two business worlds come together! On the one hand, there is the relaxed, old-fashioned business where you can have as much expert help as you might need in choosing binoculars. Then, on the other hand, you receive the efficiency of a modern business – swift next-day delivery and seriously competitive prices. They offer binoculars at every price point and are authorised to sell two of the three alpha brands – Zeiss and Swarovski (I recently bought a Swarovski). If you aren't loyal to any particular brand, and are just browsing for the best performance/price ratio with a stonking no-quibble lifetime warranty, ask Joe about their wide range of Vortex binoculars – again, they are fully authorised dealers.


2 years ago

Great service from knowledgeable friendly staff (I spoke to "Joe"), who genuinely care about you getting the right binoculars, rather than trying to sell you expensive ones you don't need.
It's like talking to an old style expert in a high street shop. Competitive prices too (they were cheaper than Amazon sellers). Gave free next day delivery. Would definitely recommend.

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