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February 6, 2021
Summary: My Opinion: AVOID THIS COMPANY. My background is construction management and Quality Assurance, I have dealt with many sub-contractors, including roofing, so I know for which I speak.
1) Salesperson (Zach) anxious to get my 50% deposit, THEN I was told it would be 4-6 weeks before install.
2) 50% deposit is MUCH higher than most companies
3) After four weeks, I said cancel the contract of you cannot get the job done soon. But I got: If this contract is canceled by the customer after the three (3) days from the execution hereof, the customer shall pay to the company 15% of the contract price as liquidated damages, not as a penalty, and the Company agrees to accept such as a reasonable and just compensation for the work performed as result of said cancellation.
4) The roof was installed approximately a week later.
5) Before the roof was installed, I asked the sales person (many times), what will be my final cost, I was texted: 鈥渋m not the numbers guy鈥?
6) Feazel has two prices on the contract, 鈥渃ontract price鈥?and 鈥渁greeable price鈥?鈥?they differ, be careful.
7) Roof was horribly installed, Feazel had rip off the new roof and reinstall it. BUT this second install would not have happened if I did not inspect the first roof install.
8) Before the second roof was installed, the production manager asked me: 鈥渋f I reinstall your roof will you take down the negative review on Google?鈥?I asked if he was blackmailing me?
9) Project manager did not stay on site during the first install.
10) The negatives go on and on, cigarette butts in the lawn, crew did not speak English, Drip edge was small pieces, etc.
11) Update: THREE MONTHS later I finally received the final bill -wow, this company does not do anything in a timely manner. To top it off, the invoice was due the day I received it (emailed) and it was for a higher amount then agreed.
My Opinion: STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! As mentioned, I have dealt with many sub-contractors in my trade, I would never hire this company again, one of the worst ordeals I have had just to complete a simple job

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