Federal Communications Commission

10 months ago

You can't be hated by the internet if there is no internet.


1 year ago

Rip net neutrality

and Ajit Pai is subhuman scum


2 years ago

The FCC is the organisation responsible for allowing 5g microwave technology into the public domain with no safety testing. It is considered by experts to be extremely dangerous and promises to cause even more health problems around the world than the existing 4g microwaves.

Sign petitions, write to your representatives in government to have 5g stopped because the FCC only cares about money, not human lives and the welfare of the planet.


2 years ago

I guess it's good, but Ajit Pai the slimy ogre lives there.


3 years ago

This site is the for the Federal Communications Commission 鈥?a part of the United States Government, however, their leadership and work has been unethical and little more than a scam perpetrated upon American citizens. They have knowingly accepted thousands of forged comments regarding their recent ruling upon net neutrality in America (http://mashable.com/2017/12/14/fake-net-neutrality-comment-fcc/#UdUWRImozaqo)

I am forced to consider this site as being untrustworthy.

See this article for some of the potential effects upon consumers their latest rulings have and why many consider them "untrustworthy": www.nytimes.com/2017/12/15/technology/net-neutrality-repeal.html


4 years ago

Site can have links to external sites that automatically redirect, i.e. this malware url: https://transition.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/bye?http://apexgames.org/ykxj6/par/factura.zip


4 years ago

The FCC is a proactive agency handling communication complaints. Many relate to problems with cable providers or volumes of nuisance phone calls. The recent redesign of the site needs another redesign. They either don't offer enough options or ask for far too much detail. Another serious problem is they're sloppy with evaluating responses received from large telecommunication companies which results in complaint responses being evasive and incomplete. Rebuttals are a waste of time for the same reason.

The problem is a combination of politics, a staggering amount of complaints and not enough manpower to handle things. Try getting them to coordinate a complaint with a state Public Utility Commission, which would provide more accountability and better ammo, it's a No Go.

As an example, file a Phone complaint. Your options are limited. There should be an "other" category under "Phone Issues" as many involve nuisance calls such as no one answering on pick up. That causes you to have to bend the facts to get the complaint started. That becomes a nightmare because you're required to fill out an answer to every question they ask, some of which should be made optional.

So how do you make the FCC do it's job better? 1. contact them and provide feedback. 2. They're too cozy under the sheets with the Oligopoly Telco Behemoth monsters. 3. Most importantly, the Telco's are in the best position to counter robocalls and that kind of ilk through adoption of far more sophisticated technology which is their bailiwick. Companies should be required to provide company name caller ID with the ability to call back or face serious fines ($10,000). Too many companies are leasing local numbers and calling from other parts of the country where if you engage them for their services, you'll find it difficult to recover damages when they rip you off. AND, customers should be able to opt out of all Political Fundraising and similar types of calls. Phony caller IDs (phishing) is a menace and contributes to Identity Theft.


5 years ago

It is a official government website, so it should be trustworthy.


9 years ago

This is safe site; I learned a bit about broadband that I hadn't known!


11 years ago

Even though I don't agree with what the FCC does, they do have a lot of useful information about regulations and the DTV transition.


11 years ago

This website is owned by the United States Government.
It is safe and good for finding information.

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