Federal Reserve

1 year ago

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 should be repealed, and coining money should be back, 100%, to Congress, without any private owners.


3 years ago

With the backing you could expect from the greatness of America. The security is flawless so rest assure your trust is safe


3 years ago

I have NEVER participated in their competitions. It's a scam when they send me mail, your unscrible does not work, it's completely aware I can not make my spam mail.
Mail from Mr. Stanley Fischer, Vice Chairman
Federal Reserve's Board of Governors
Hello Your long awaited fund has been cleared. We are pleased to inform you that this fund will be release to you within seven (7) working days.
You however, are require to re-confirm your details, such as, your full name and mailing address, including your mobile number which is
extremely important in other to speak with you for validation of your position as the beneficiary.

Call me at: (727) 324-6829. Write me only through this office e-mail: info(a)fedreservesystems.com
Mr. Stanley Fischer, Vice Chairman
Federal Reserve's Board of Governors
United States


4 years ago

The site is very informative- but why does the Fed need 2 sites?

PS: AM talk radio is a poor source of information.


7 years ago

There has been some dispute over the practices of the Federal Reserve, but this site does offer free, detailed economic data.


8 years ago

Governemnt website for the federal reserve.


9 years ago

This is a secure site in the *.gov top-level domain, It has a clear layout, offers detailed economic data and regulatory news. Information is presented for those with professional backgrounds as well as those with a casual interest. All content is free of charge, no advertising, tracking cookies or malware.


10 years ago

Anyone trusting these people are nuts.


10 years ago

C'est eux qui impriment 99% des billets de Dollar !!!


10 years ago

This is the official website of the central bank of the U.S.A. It is a safe site.


11 years ago

This website is owned by the United States Government.
It is safe and good for finding information.

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