7 years ago

Home owners beware…I was looking to modify my mortgage.
Bank of America holds the mortgage refused to help me, and literally hung up the phone on me twice. I tried once more and was told by a nice person there that the account number I had went to a mortgage that had been sold 10 times in one month, and was no longer my account number and the mortgage could not be located. In 2008/2009 all the money I had was lost by the BofA Investments with no recourse. Left me penny less. Disability social security is my only source of income now.
I was referred to Federal Home Savers in 2009/2010 by my friends son who heard they helped his neighbor. I had to pay this FHS/Jason Pring 2000.00 for them/him to handle all the paper work, and they/he would work with the bank to get them to make an afforadable payment. I asked if they had an attorney there, Jason said not to worry, he was a paralegal, and could have an attorney handle all legalities. I found out recently it was illegal for any modification company to collect money up front. I never wanted not to pay for my house, just to make the payment a little more affordable, being as BofA investing is the one who lost all my money. By the 3rd month I was getting letters from the bank saying I was late. I'd called Jason Pring the person who owned/ran all the paperwork for FHS, he told me not to worry everthing was fine the letter was just a form letter. I called every 2-3 days asking about the progress, he never answered the phone, about a week later he'd call or text to say all was ok the bank was taking there time. I continued to call him, and the return messages were maybe once every 2-3 weeks. By the 10th month I got a letter in the mail from the bank, they went to court and foreclosed on me. I called Jason immediately, I was frantic. A worst nightmare immaginable, I'm crippled, suffering from numerous seizures trapped inside my house waiting to get tossed out. Finally he called, said fax the papers to his office his assistant will handle it. Well I faxed them, guess what, there was no assistant, Jason was out of the country on vacation. Two days later he called me and requested all the info I had sent him intially, I asked where the originals were, he got cocky and said, "look if you want this done just do it". He later said the bank claimed they refused my papers due to no income, but he would work on them. As it turned out, Jason never, I repeat NEVER filed the papers with the bank. He did send them something after I got the letter, but it was to late, I asked for copies of all he had sent, he said I didn't need it. I've never heard from him again. There is no trace that company, or the owner Jason Pring. The bank hit me with me a 42000.00 dollar attorney fees/foreclosure court costs. I had to accept that and a balloon payment of 121,000.00. I was given one hour to sign some pages and express mail it to them or they would be here and walk me out the door and put locks on it. I had them on speaker phone and had another person here to hear this.I now have payments set up that are a bit less than I was paying. The amount now owed on this house, is outrageous. How can I get charged attorney fee's and court costs for something that went to court regarding me and my house and I never knew about it, I was never notified that it was happening until afterwards, now I'm being made to pay it. I hope the Bank of America big shots someday get back what they dish out. I could've walked out on this house when nobody knew where the mortgage was, and the account I had been sending my payments to, was going to who knows where???
A woman on the phone working at the bank in customer service, called me stupid and said I was a liar. Honest people just can't make it in this world. If I had any money I'd get an attorney, I'm sure one would enjoy this.

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