7 months ago

I am really in awe of this site. Amazing that today there are still such projects that willingly share invaluable information. And they do it completely free of charge and without profit for themselves.
But the main value of Federal resume guide is undoubtedly its federal sector orientation. This is a very difficult and responsible way, to follow it means to make great efforts.
I always follow the updates on your site and find a lot of useful information. Thanks again for your hard work!


1 year ago

Finding a job in the federal sector is a big headache. Indeed, in this case, it will not be enough to write a resume on one page. When you need to describe in detail the entire history of work since the year of college, it takes 10 pages and a lot of time. Especially difficult is dealing with the USAJobs account. Therefore, I rate Federalresumeguide 5 stars. I really liked that there is a separate section for USAJobs Tips, in my opinion, it is the most relevant information. I also want to say that added examples of Federal resume are very useful because it is quite difficult to find resume samples for the federal sector on the Internet.

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