5 months ago

Never ever will I use your services again nor will I recommend you to anyone.
You are legal thiefs making me paying for custom fees and expedition fees for a product that I have already purchased and paid the custom for. The fact that you are sending me an invoice AFTER I have received the package thus making it impossible to reject it and forcing me to pay for something I shouldn't and I'm not obligated is unacceptable.
Your way of making money maybe legal in therms of rules and laws but you are basically legal thiefs.
Claiming that …"we are often not aware of the charges levied until after we have delivered your package." is bullocks. All other currier services DHL, GLS, etc are capable to see if a package is due to extra charges or not and the receiver needs to pay (or can refuse to pick up the package) before delivery.


7 months ago

I can鈥檛 belive that FedEX can even have a running business in Denmark, when there is tons of other brilliant, flexible, service-minded delivery services available.
Never have I ever experienced so inflexible and complicated way of reciving a package.


7 months ago

I ordered a package from england and 3 days later it arrived to me (in denmark) Excellent service


7 months ago

I wanted to give them 0 stars but I guess 1 star will do.

Horrible company.


8 months ago

Any serious company using FedEX as their shipping partner and care for their reputation, should avoid using FedEX In the future. FedEX is bad for your business. As simple as that!


8 months ago

NEVER ever FedEx!! AGAIN I'm paying for something I do not get!!
I'm sending a priority package to Spain. I write all info with detailed address info and phone number.
After 4 days, my customer ask me why they have not yet received the package… I call FedEx, and they say they do not have the customers phone number.I inform them it's on the label, but Fedex apparently did not get it in the scanning (?) I inform the phone number, and they say FedEx spain will call the customer to solve delivery. The client is informed to wait for the call….that never comes! The client tries to contact FedEx spain, to pick up the parcel at her office, but is told the parcel is returned as there was no address on the parcel. I'm in chok.How can they be so stupid?!!
Speak withFedEc cph, and they admit that they made a misstake, transferring the info, so only the area, but not the address or phone number is on the papers.
THEY made a misstake, but I have to pay . They do not compensate if they make a misstake – as the package was sent to spain.
In spain the people in the office, did not react, not having an address or phone number on the parcel?? Are they without a brain??



8 months ago

tax collection SCAM

Suddenly I received a letter from a partner company asking to pay money for some undisclosed item. Everything is very sketchy. I can麓t identify the number of the reference in any email or order placed. There is no reference to the number in any of FEDEX email.

The collecting letter is from SVEA, no one answer on the telephone number provided +4570203300. The contact on their website doesn麓t work, and emails are unanswered. There is no possibility to talk to them to KNOW WHAT ARE THEY COLLECTING MONEY, what it is about.

Fedex never sent me a custom


9 months ago

1 star is too much.
Once again I've been screwed by Fedex Denmark (Odense)
I have paid for express delivery (again), and my package was to be delivered on May 20th. This did not happen! Trying to reach their Odense office by phone, is no go,
May 21st. is a public holiday and my best guess is that they won't be delivering tomorrow either.
I am so fed up with this company…… NOTHING EVER WORKS!
Why nor change the name to FedUp?


1 year ago

I shipped a package from the US, and unfortunately the service in question only supported delivery via Fedex.
Package arrived in Denmark very quickly, and delivery was promised on a Monday, between 9 am and 6 pm. So I waited at home all day, but no package.
At 6 pm I checked their tracking app again, and now the time slot had been removed, but delivery still promised that same day. I tried emailing their support, but received no immediate reply. When I called their phone support the automated response said delivery would happen that day, "by 00". There was of course no delivery.

The next day I received a response to my email, where they claimed that they had tried to deliver, but nobody had been there. A complete fabrication, since I had been there all day (and there was no notice left, a bit of a give away).

They did then actually deliver 2 days later (another day where I had to spend all day at home).

Without any advance notice they then sent me a bill for custom tariffs and handling via snail mail – it was pure luck that I found it in time since I was traveling. The tariffs were expected, but their handling fee was absolutely ludicrous.


1 year ago

delivery was fine, but delivery came from US so I had to prepay taxes and duty. Unfortunately the transfer was reported as failed so I transferred 3000kr (500USD) again and in the end both of them went through.

I requested a refund from FedEx the same day and it took me 5 weeks, 6 phone calls and roughly 20 emails to get my money back. In the end I threatened with a police report and I finally got my money.


1 year ago

I have a lot of built up frustration with this specific branch of the company. To be clear I ordered something from Florida (clothes from a brand called ESNTL) and it didn't take long for it to get to Denmark, a bit over a week but that was because of hurricane Dorian. It went smoothly until it got to their holding facility in Kolding and I was supposed to receive it. They said it would come between 09:00 and 18:00 (which is ridiculous that they don't tell you accurate readings and you just have to wait all day) but when they came they didn't even ring the doorbell and just left. I asked them to resend which they did the next day and the same thing happened. The delivery truck comes but doesn't ring the bell. They send me a text for this and tell me that nobody was home which I know was a pure lie because I was home all day due to me feeling ill and I stood by the kitchen window for hours to make sure I wouldn't miss it. Again I asked nicely to resend it on Friday. This time I wanted to wait outside for it. I was at school but my mom was home from 07:00 til 13:00 when she had to go to work and I would get home 14:00, they delivered at 13:07 and said nobody was home it is true that nobody was home THAT TIME but the other times they just lied. This was ridiculous that they won't tell you when it will arrive and just expect you to wait all day as if you don't have anything important to do. I stayed calm and even though I was angry I called and tried being nice to the operator and ask to resend where they come up to the door and ring the bell or possibly an alternative location this time. They tell me that they won't send it again due to me not being there, this is even when they lied the first 2 times and just left without ringing the bell to our apartment. And they tell me that I have to go all the way to Kolding which is 90 minutes away by car or if I don't show up by Tuesday that they will send it back to the US. And I can't even come in the weekend when I have time because they are closed in the weekend. This is a horrible service with horrible practices. Please, I HIGHLY encourage you to choose ANY other delivery service than FedEx in Denmark. Absolute BS.


1 year ago

I was supposed to get my package at my office, but then they said that the company wasn't open (which it DEFINATELY was). I then proceed to call them and a lovely lady reassures me they will get it sent out again next day.

Next day : Nothing… So i call them again, and they say it will come out the next day…

Next day: Nothing… I even called in the morning to confirm everything. I proceed to call them in the evening, and they simply said "we don't know where your package is. It is probably delivered to the wrong adress". They basically hired a subcontractor to deliver it, and he decided to deliver it to another adress, steal or lose it (quite convenient since it is an expensive watch).

I had prepared photoshoots for the watch, i lost money and time, and i can't be reimbursed and i am still waiting for any news….

If you are a business, a person or anything else, i HIGHLY Recommend you find someone else to deliver your packages. I receive a TON of packages due to my work, and it is ONLY Fedex that manages to scew up.


1 year ago

Horribly slow and poor customer service. Not at all like in "Cast Away", that's for sure!


1 year ago

Failed to deliver goods for two days in a row. Wasted two days of my time. No apology and no explanation. Eventually drove to their depot and picked up goods myself. No one asked for identification despite me picking up parcel worth over 拢1000. Very poor.


1 year ago

Unreliable, terrible pick-up options. Please learn from GLS and DAO.


1 year ago

I'm expecting a package today Thursday 21-03-2019. It has been sent since last Thursday from US and while I keep phoning since yesterday to explain that I am travelling the 22nd and it is very important to get this package on time since it is my wedding dress, the service is really poor. They are keep saying that they try to do their best having the package on time and they will inform me. It is now 2hours before the latest that the system is providing as delivery time and I have still no information at all.


1 year ago

It's their set-up and core business that just doesn't work.
All their competitors can make it work.
So what's wrong with FedEx:
1) Their communication is incorrect. They state they deliver the parcel Wednesday but came by Thursday and Friday, without notifying me in advance!
2) Their communication is lacking. The Thursday delivery attempt I only discovered by checking the webside for "Travel historie" no SMS, no note in mailbox!
After the unannounced Friday attempt they send the first SMS revealing their delivery attempt addidng that I now have only one delivery attempt left. This SMS informs me to contact their selv service.
4) Their self service log-on doesn't work – as it doesn't recognize the parcel code
5) They have no alternative pick-up/distribution centres/service providers around DK – only their Kastrup center.

I will contact the company I traded with and advice them to cooperate with another company than FedEx.


2 years ago

Service not ok – I recieved a gift from relatives i USA- I had contact with FedEx 3 times about the delivery – All 3 times the Company forgot to inform me about that i had to pay for recieving the package due to 1. importtax 2. fee to feedex for sending a bill. FedEx know this all 3 times I was in contact with them but did not inform me so i could have had the opportunity to accept the gift or not.


2 years ago

Absolutely useless at acknowledging or replying to any queries, tell lies on the phone, don鈥檛 acknowledge or reply to emails. Been disputing an invoice from them for an item that was refused at the point of delivery due to it being too late in it鈥檚 arrival, never left the driver鈥檚 hand, but rather than any communication regarding the disputed invoice, just keep sending reminders with more and more threats. Total bullies.


2 years ago

Just one centre in whole Danmark's capital region. No way to change delivery time / address


2 years ago

Worst delivery service.

So I changed the delivery address to my company address, but FedEx didn't delivery the package to the new address. Therefore they sent me a text saying "We have tried to deliver a package for you, but you wasn't there"
As soon as I got the text from FedEx I called the "customer service" and they told me that they tried to deliver the package at the old address.
I really needed the package for today since im going on vacation tomorrow and it is a gift.
Luckily my workplace is only 5 minutes away from my home so I hoped that the driver could make a quick deroute, but for some super strange reason the customer service don't have contact with their drivers???
So that was not a possibility. The only option I had was to pick it up my self in the evening at their storrage in Kastrup, which not was an option for me. So at the end the "customer service" told me they would try again tomorrow and if im not there they would sent the package back to Germany. (hopefully at the right address)


2 years ago

Bad FedEx Experience
FedEx tried to deliver a small parcel from Spain to me on Thursday last week. There was no indication of what time, and I couldn't wait at home all day.
A note was left in our mailbox, asking us to arrange for a new delivery on the website.
On their website FedEx asks for a Unique Number. Nothing is called "unique" on their note as well as in the earlier emails, so it's trial and error with the numbers you have.
Afterwards we received not one, but two SMS's that delivery would be on Tuesday 14/9. Still no indication of approx time. Not even AM or PM.
So I waited all day, but nothing happened. Until I got a mail from FedEx late in the day, that there is a parcel for me, and would I please call them. So what was the point of the two SMSs advising delivery 14/9, thus keeping me at home all day?
FedEx is of course very busy when you call them, so I had to wait a while before getting somebody.
After my explanation, this person confirmed that something must have gone wrong, but whether I could take delivery Wednesday 15/9. Me: Sure, but what time? I can't wait a whole day again. FedEx: We can only say between 09 and 17. Me: You must be joking. FedEx: No, that is the best we can do, but would it be possible for me to collect at Kastrup (Copenhagen Airport). Me: Please be serious, that is 115 km away. Please let me talk to a supervisor. Supervisor: Yes, something has clearly gone very wrong. I'll get the back office to call you tomorrow morning to give you a more exact time of delivery. Backoffice calls Wednesday morning: We're so sorry, but would between 12. and 13 today be OK? Me: That'll be fine. Actual delivery time 13.45.
Going forward, I'm definitely going to avoid FedEx in Denmark whenever I can. They are just so inferior to the many other couriers I've experienced.
One thing though, is that all the FedEx people I spoke with were all very friendly, understanding and looking for solutions. It's just that when FedEx provides a courier service that is so clearly flawed in their standard operations procedures, then friendly staff isn't enough.
P.S. I really should have given one star only, but the friendly staff made me give two.


2 years ago

No service and rude attitude.

I udes FedEx to ship home private stuff from Thailand and was forced to pay tax for it? I used a lot of time to convince everybody that off course I dont pay tax for my own private stuff!
It was in March! I STILL havent got my money from FedEx yet and to rude answers from the Sweden department that my case is a mistake and I cant get my money – EVEN though I have a document from SKAT /DK saying I must get the money from FedEx.
I mailed now 20 mails…
Still case is not solved!


2 years ago

This rating is for the driver who delivered my package. I orderend important papers to my b-friends address in Copenhagen because I'm abroad. There were some problems with the delivery so I spoke to the chauffeur a couple of times. He went out of his way to get the package delivered at the right time (he returned to the address at couple of hours later even though it wasn't convenient for him) because I needed my boyfriend to take the papers with him to Paris that same night. The chauffeur was REALLY helpful and made it happen!


2 years ago

The envelop get wet and hence my papers inside get wet. I am not very happy with this delivery service.

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