5 months ago

Impossible to talk to customer service. wrong info tracking. Extreme delay on delivery. If you are looking for problems FedEx is the SOLUTION


6 months ago

Since 5 days when I emailed twice and phoned once all without reply, today I tried the online form, completed all only to be told I need an account, nothing 'til that warning me. It had accepted my user name and password albeit refusing umpteen along the way. So I went to open an account which again refused umpteen usernames and passwords but eventually I got to accepting my VISA authentification. However it lost all my original form details of the shipment. Ok did it all again however when it got the page confirming my order it was showing me in the USA, with no dropdown menu to change although everything else was correct. Not able to change, stuck! Whoever designed the www should be shot.
I may try again another day when I've cooled down.


6 months ago

Delivery was contracted out to a local company. 48 hour delay from Fed Ex tracked delivery time. Driver claimed no-one was home when he tried to deliver but untrue, and no failed delivery notice left. One star because delivery was eventually made but a poor experience.


6 months ago

So bad service !!!


6 months ago

I am extremely disappointed.
I sent an important document to the states from France. It cost 110 Euros. I put document in an envelope and when FedEx arrived to pick up letter, the guy gave me a pochette to put the closed envelope inside.
When the document arrived the next day ,the already enclosed envelope that I inserted in pochette, was opened and document missing. What happened to my document?
JJ Elessie


6 months ago

Je travaille du lundi au vendredi.
– Impossible d'indiquer 脿 Fedex de livrer un samedi ou un dimanche.
– Impossible d'indiquer 脿 Fedex de livrer en point relais.
– Impossible d'indiquer 脿 Fedex de livrer le colis 脿 un voisin, ou sur mon lieu de travail.
– Impossible de parler 脿 un 锚tre humain pour lui expliquer mon probl猫me.
C'est le niveau 0 du service鈥?Tout 莽a pour un colis ne contenant qu'un livre.


I work away from home from Monday to Friday.
– Fedex can't deliver on Saturday or Sunday.
– Fedex can't deliver to a pickup location.
– Fedex can't deliver to my neighbour, or even at my office.
– I couldn't even explain my situation to a human Fedex employee; all I found was a chat bot.
That's a lot of bother for just a one-book package鈥?Fedex's service couldn't be any worse.


6 months ago

Slow drivers.
Highly disappointed, you people should improve your services!
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8 months ago

Only if there was a 0 star ..ridiculous arrogant sad people answering the phone not giving a damn about what we have to say, just repeating the same answer even before they know what happened exactly.. Instead of trying to find a solution just cut the conversation asking if we have another question. Pathetic really ..


8 months ago

FedEx is the great company in the world.


11 months ago

Unbelievably incompetent, first attempt, they claim i was not in the house, next attempt could not find the house. This has happened three times over six months, I only buy from vendors who use another comapany now, but dpd just as bad. Chronopost also pretty useless, only La Poste and DHL have ever actually delivered.
Contacting Fedex "customer service" is beyond pointless, seems the delivery driver just lies, asking around the commiune, nobody has a good word for them except CRAP


11 months ago

HORRIBLE avoid at all costs. Customer service is bad. People are rude. Not what it used to be. It used to be a 5 stars service. Now it's the second zone. Go with the regular post service if you need to send something.
I paid for a 24h delivery and it's now 15 days.


11 months ago

I called FedEx and they told me that I would receive my package today, before 17h. So I decided to stay at home ALL DAY just to receive my package. I was lucky to not work that day, and I cancelled my plan just to stay at home. For them. And guess what happened? At roughly 16h I decided to check my door because I wanted to see if they were coming soon. They told my before 17h so they must arrive soon, right? But NO. I saw a little paper from them at my door. Apparently, they weren't able to deliver my package. How?? I was here the entire time! I never went outside! I didn't even went to the grocery store to buy food for dinner! NOBODY was at my door for all day.

I wish I could rate this 0 star. Would not buy from anywhere that uses FedEx anymore. They wasted my whole day!


1 year ago

they don't deliver on weekends
they don't deliver at pick-up locations
they asked me to come get the package at their "local" sorting center 160km away from my home.

In conclusion: the package will be returned to the sender…


1 year ago

Delivery promised today 18h00. Surprise surprise nothing happened all day. Then, this evening, at 7pm, I click on the number to see what's happened and it says they attempted delivery at 9am…not true. Fedex France.


1 year ago

The delivery was promised for the 12/11 until 18:00.
At 17:10 by phone it was confirmed that I'll receive it on the same day.
According to the tracking information the package was still in Nurnberg and only next day shortly after midnight arrived to Budapest. Finally the package was delivered by TNT at 10:36 on the 13/11.


1 year ago

Please dont used. Fedex !! Avoid problems fedex is just SCAM france department is worse ever had used !!, i hope is coming soon new company take over all and kill fedex !! Worse company ever. Noneone knows where is your parcel tru phone nothing !!

They dont respect your money and your time !!!

9 phone calls , case opened , noneone call me noneone answerd they are just abusers


1 year ago

I would classify FEDEX = SCAM. Let me explain: I accessed and hired an international ship (Brazil to France). Fedex tool "Fedex Ship Manager Lite" indicated dates and fares. I hired the most expensive one since documents were urgent. In only 2 (two) hours after paying and printing the tag the documents were deposited GolLog in Salvador Airport (Fedex representative).
For my surprise, the date of arrival was then postponed in 2 days whithout ANY EXPLANATION.
This is simply OUTRAGEOUS.


1 year ago

L'avis ci-dessous je l'avais mis dans Google, il date de hier 25/06/2019.
Je le remets car je n'ai toujours pas re莽u mon colis et cette fois, le livreur a usurper mon identit茅 en signant le bon de commande avec mon nom alors que je n'ai rien re莽u et qu'il n'est jamais pass茅.
J'attends toujours aujourd'hui 26 juin.
Et Fedex couvre les agissements de leur sous-traitant

Plus m茅diocre que 莽a, tu meurs!
脿 l'heure o霉 j'cris, j'attends toujours mon colis.
l'茅toile unique c'est pour pouvoir laisser un avis. Ces gens ne m茅ritent m锚me pas d'apparaitre en tant que soci茅t茅 de livraison.
J'ai pass茅 une commande sur un site britannique qui utilise Fedex comme coursier. Fedex qui, bien s没r, sous-traite 脿 ces bons 脿 rien de TNT.
Le soit disant livreur a d茅clar茅 mon colis comme 茅tant livr茅 il y a 1 semaine de cela et 脿 sign茅 un bon de livraison. Recevant un email dans ce sens, je contacte Fedex qui m'assure qu'il est pass茅 alors que j'茅tais chez moi et que personne n'est venu. Bref, je n'obtiens aucune r茅ponse coh茅rente et suis donc oblig茅e de contacter l'entreprise aupr猫s de laquelle j'ai pass茅 la commande. C'est apr猫s ce coup de fil que je suis recontact茅e par TNT pour programmer une livraison le samedi entre ! 8h et 13h, j'en conviens et fais r茅p茅t茅 mon num茅ro de t茅l茅phone portable 脿 la dame que j'ai eu au t茅l茅phone… Samedi je suis rest茅e chez moi jusqu'脿 15h, attendant ce fameux livreur qui ne s'est pas pr茅sent茅.
Je les appelle lundi matin, donc hier, ils me disent ne pas pouvoir traiter ma demande pour cause de panne informatique. Je rappelle ce matin et ils me disent que le livreur est pass茅 hier (24 juin) mais que je n'茅tais pas chez moi alors que j'ai travaill茅 de la maison toute la journ茅e et n'ai pas mis le nez dehors.
Exasp茅r茅e, je recontacte l'entreprise chez qui j'ai command茅 pour demander un remboursement. Ils m'annoncent que mon colis leur a 茅t茅 signal茅 comme 茅tant au d茅p么t TNT de Max茅vile, j'habite 脿 Nancy et dois donc me taper le trajet pour aller chercher un colis que je ne suis pas s没re de trouver n'ayant aucun avis de passage ou autre. Tout 莽a, bien s没r, en ayant pay茅 des frais de livraison.
mais bon, classique chez eux semble-t-il….
dans tous les cas, c'est une entreprise m茅diocre qui m茅rite de fermer.

The opinion below I had put it in Google, it dates from yesterday 25/06/2019.
I hand it in because I still haven't received my package and this time, the delivery person usurped my identity by signing the order form with my name when I didn't receive anything and he never came.
I am still waiting today, June 26.
And Fedex covers the actions of their subcontractor

I rewrite my opinion in English for expatriates living here who would be tempted to use the services of these charlatans….

Any worse than that, you die!
when I'm writing, I'm still waiting for my package.
the only star is to be able to leave an opinion. These people don't even deserve to appear as a delivery company.
I placed an order on a British site that uses Fedex as a courier. Fedex, which, of course, subcontracts TNT to these bums.
The so-called deliverer declared my package as being delivered 1 week ago and signed a delivery note. Receiving an email in this sense, I contact Fedex which assures me that it passed while I was at home and that no one came. In short, I do not get a consistent answer and therefore have to contact the company with which I placed the order. It is after this call that I am contacted again by TNT to schedule a delivery on Saturday between 8am and 1pm, I agree and repeat my mobile phone number to the lady I had on the phone…. Saturday I stayed at home until 3pm, waiting for this famous delivery man who didn't show up.
I call them Monday morning, so yesterday, they tell me they can't process my request because of a computer failure. I call back this morning and they tell me that the delivery man came yesterday (June 24) but that I wasn't at home when I worked from home all day and didn't stick my nose out.
Exasperated, I contact the company I ordered from again to ask for a refund. They tell me that my package has been reported to them as being at the TNT depot in Max茅vile, I live in Nancy and therefore have to make the trip to pick up a package that I am not sure I will find without any transit advice or other. All this, of course, with delivery charges.
but well, classic for them it seems……
in any case, it's a mediocre company that deserves to close.


1 year ago

The worst customer service I ever met !!!
Their customer advisors won't try to solve any problem for you but to waste your time.
It took generally 30 minutes to arrange a pick-up. What's more, the phone call is charged 0.12 euros per minute !
And take care, we as clients need to flater their customer advisors, if not they will simply find excuses to deny your demand, like your post codes are not correct, your tracking number doesn't exist, your reservation number doesn't exist etc.
I shipped many times with fedex, but each time I need so much time to arrange a pick up. Tired with this shipping company…
Still, worst among the worst!!!


1 year ago

Horrendous!! I bought an expensive pair of boots from France, they were supposed to be delivered by FedEx. I had nominated a delivery day which they ignored. They then forged my signature and the boots were never delivered! I was 250 miles away on the delivery day (which is why I had altered the date). I still am trying to get my money back through the French company, Appalling customer service all round. FedEx UK have bounced it back to FedEx France even though THEY were the ones that failed to deliver and signed in a squiggle for my very expensive now missing boots! This was on the 18th MARCH 2019 and here I am six weeks later and still no money back.


1 year ago

Fedex is one of the best and fast courier delivering service company. Their service is always appreciated.


1 year ago

Very helpful friendly delivery guy !


2 years ago

One of the worst experience with Fedex France. Never and ever choose Fedex in Paris. Very bad service and very rude customer service. The lady was very rude and unprofessional. Still i am not getting the accurate information on where my package is. nightmare. Its been 10 days still they have not delivered.


2 years ago

don't use these guys, so bad in paris and nothing is delivered on time. wow. totally not what i expected from them since the USA company works so well and delivers super fast.


2 years ago

FedEx France don't deliver! Real problems with FedEx in France. Unlike most European countries FedEx in France delivers via mobile phone. Forget 'door to door' deliveries as the French drivers don't understand that. Instead they rely on you answering your mobile phone. If you miss the call you don't get your parcel! Shocking service but I've come to expect the shocking service most companies offer in France. If you can avoid FedEx France, choose someone else!

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