5 months ago

Worst customer service experience ever. I owe my own company and I have been operating worldwide for two years now. It鈥檚 the first a time a company turns out to be the most unreliable ever! And I have used 80% of them

Furthermore, what a disgraceful customer service. I called like 5 times, all of the times agents who talk to you like you owe them something… really worst customers service experience ever

S煤per rude and still didn鈥檛 have the parcel delivered. Will discourage anyone to use their services!


8 months ago

This service operated a delivery of my stuff that I needed repatriated from Spain to UK due to the pandemic, I ordered through a site called Low Cost Mensajer铆a and it was very cheap (2 big boxes and a suitcase for 鈧?7), I had no issues with customs fees or delays. It bears mention that I did not care about damage caused to my belongings since it was mainly clothes so not fragile, when the boxes arrived they were a bit battered, which may have been the fault of the service or of my landlady for using worn-out boxes to pack my stuff in the first place.


3 years ago

Congrats Fedex, Instead of being aiming for best or mediocre you took the price for being the worst company i have been in touch with ever and here we talk 25 years of self-employment !! A discrase for an american company!" after 25 emails you know what I talk about!

For others i highly recommend if you want to stay sane, to use other handling companies at least in Spain!

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