4 months ago

i waited at home on the agreed delivery date but Fed-ex didn't come (they had my mobile no. but no one got in touch). After two long waits and one disconnect, I got through to customer support, who re-booked for delivery the following day. I was also at home that day and put a notice on the front door with my phone no. so I could let them into the locked building, On looking at tracking, I saw that they wrote that they had tried to deliver but the door was locked. Again no attempt to phone me. I got through to customer support (on the 5th attempt and after four disconnects). I'm now going to Fed-eX at the airport tomorrow to collect my parcel as I've no faith in their delivery "service" which I experience as cumbersome and ineffective. It may be a great courier service for companies with reception desks but I think they are making a bad job of delivering to private recipients. I'm very satisfied with the product I ordered from a US company but am unlikely to order again unless they can deliver in some other way than by Fed-eX.


7 months ago

Just don't use them! And save yourself the headache.
They don't call or send SMS before they arrive. When you call, they give that they don't know your gate code as an excuse even though they didn't ask for it.
The only positive thing is their customer service representative was helpful.


9 months ago

If you want a insanely delayed delivery service then by all means go with FedEx. You鈥檙e gonna love how useless they are.

I have a package sitting in Orebro for 12 days – an hour away from place it鈥檚 supposed to be delivered to. It spent more days just sitting there than it spen in transit from Spain to Sweden. Great job, Fedex!

Contacted CS on Thursday last week and they said it would be delivered today but my tracking number says there鈥檚 no delivery scheduled at this time.

If I had to sum it up in one word: USELESS


1 year ago

After reading all the negativ reviews I was afraid I would not get my package. It arrived today even tho it says tomorrow at their site. It's a good thing I was at home.


1 year ago

Tracking says delivered but certainly not to my home address!!
I had to call three time to open a case to try to find where this has been delivered. Worst item was signed with the wrong initial name!!
Very bad service, NEVER AGAIN i will use Fedex.


1 year ago

Would not even give one star if there was such option. This service is not customer-oriented. All they offer is to bring parcel to your home between 9:00 and 18:00, without possibility to book time, without possibility for the parcel to be left at authorized pick-up point for those who have no luxury to stay home instead of going to job! Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! Service that is not adjusted by any means to customer needs, should be put out of business! Use UPS or DHL instead! Or anything else for that matter…


1 year ago


Paid First International Priority – fastest and safest to send documents, and it arrived 3 days later !!!
There was no information about when it would be out, mail sent out was saying customer not available which was not true at all, got no information and the hassle to go THROUGH 4 COLLEAGUES in order to make it work and send it out – the reason for it to not arrive the next available workday was because THE FACILITY WAS SMALL AND DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH STAFF. No money back, delayed package, had to rebook my flight since it didn't arrive within 4 days.
So inconvenient and a hassle. Don't do it, send through ups or anything else than Fedex. Customer service was the worst with no understanding, tired and annoyed staff. Not every customer calling in is there to scold you, so drop the attitude please.


3 years ago

It has arrived with a little delay due to the storm, but the customer service of Fedex has been very good.


3 years ago

Fast delivery


3 years ago

The worst delivery company. No service, not the least eager to provide a product that will satisfy anything else but their own bank account. Never in my mind would I think that there would be a so low quality delivery company in 2017.


5 years ago

leveans till granne och skick faktura men vill inte lyssna eller svara om deras ogiligt faktura.. Dem 盲r inte interessead o hj盲lper. Mafia bara! mest d氓light d氓ligt d氓ligt

FedEx deliver my package to a neightbout and doesn't care if I receive the package or not. They couldn't even prove someone I know receive the package but insist SOMEONE sign for it.. but common,is the person even related to me? Then they send me a tax invoice claiming I have to pay , though it is a tax mistake but have zero interest to help to change th situation . ZERO customer service, ZERO interest in their customer,ALL THEY WANT IS MONEY .. NEVER AGAIN in my life will I EVER USE FedEx, I will tell my friends too.


6 years ago

The package should have arrived Portugal, according their own tracking system, Friday 16. Followed it and saw it had arrived Thursday the 15th at 19.50, in Madrid. After that nothing!!! Friday morning I call FedEx Portugal as the package still is in Madrid. Their answer is that as it is economy it will be sent over the weekend to Portugal and delivered Monday Also sent a mail to Fedex Sweden Friday morning, which resulted in them sending a mail to Fedex Portugal, Monday, asking them to solve the problem also pointed out commitment was Friday.
Monday morning tracking system says package is still in Madrid. Call FedEx P who promise to open a missing file and contact Madrid and then call me. Nobody called. Now I understand Fedex not interested. Call the selling company who puts pressure on Fedex Sweden, being a big customer, and after a day package is found in Portugal.

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