4 months ago

Ruined our engagement with useless customer service; promised our ring would be delivered today and because the shipper refused to allow me to collect it from the depo, take it to the post office, redirect it to my workplace, allow a neighbour to sign for it or anything else I suggested, I was forced to take the day off from work (unpaid) to be home to receive it. Hundreds of dollars in lost income later and it never arrives. Apparently a driver just never rocked up for work and so I get to pay the price for that. They'll attempt to deliver it tomorrow when no one will be home. It'll probably have to be returned to sender because I can't afford to miss another day of work and my partner and I are never home during the day to sign for it and the sender won't allow anything else; Fedex won't cooperate with me either.


5 months ago

This is the worst experience I ever had with this company.
– First-day notice: Customer not available or business closed. I was at home and waiting for the package. Got a phone call from a representative telling me that the delivery guy could not access the building. I was calm and told them "please press the buzz code", the telephone panel is right at the front door.
– Second-day: I was waiting for the whole day, looking through my window with a hope the truck would show up. Nothing. 6 pm, got another notice: Customer not available or business closed. I tried to call the customer service and after arguing with a robot, I finally reached a real person. I complained and asked him whether there was anything I could help the delivery guy to deliver my package. Confirmed postcode, buzz code, phone number, … He promised me that he put a note so that the delivery guy could not make any more excuses. On the same day, I got a package from UPS, but why FEDEX.
– Third day: 11 am got a phone said the delivery guy had to drop my package at the FEDEX location (25 km from my place) because Customer not available or business closed. So frustrated and I asked for the name of the delivery guy, the name of any manager, but NOTHING. Just asked me to call 1800xxx to file a complaint. Called that number, it recognized my number and just ignored me, no one answer.

I am wondering how such a dishonest service can be. If you really want to send a package to someone and you really care that they can receive it, NEVER user FEDEX.

I really hope HOMEDEPOT will never use FEDEX for delivery.


6 months ago

Honest, Helpful, and Constructive


6 months ago

This is the worst company to deal with when delivering to rural areas. Their driver's will not ask for directions and are not allowed to carry cell phones, so shipping instructions are a waste of time. For 5 days when trscking my parcel it said unable to locate recipient. I attempted to rectify it by giving a different address with the same result. I will no longer purchase items from companies that onlybuse FedEx as a shipping option.


6 months ago

Unlike Purolator, who you should never, EVER use or allow vendors like Amazon to use, these guys actually deliver your packages — fast.
In the past week they've delivered half-a-dozen items to me from outside the country, in less than 48 hours, sometimes 36, while I'm still waiting for an in-country delivery from Purolator … 2 weeks later.
The Fedex guys rang my doorbell and had a moment to exchange pleasantries.
Keep up the good work guys and I'm a loyal customer.


6 months ago

Priority service is very efficient and fast. Received an important parcel in two days to Canada's west coast from south east US during Covid. Drivers are exceptionally friendly and customer oriented. FedEx does need ground service improvement, but even that service is better than USPS/Canada Post.


7 months ago

Great customer service
They know what they are doing, fast and reliable
No excuses with Covid-19 for delays
Exactly the opposite
Thank you FedEx 馃


7 months ago

1000000 X better than UPS


7 months ago

Was told to go get my shipment from a post office they couldn鈥檛 identify in a mid sized city 200 km away. Playing detective with the shipper, I narrowed it down to 2 post offices That were more local. I drove to both and wound up picking up a badly damaged parcel. They didn鈥檛 even bother to try to mend the badly split and gouged box, which would have been a sign of caring about their work. Do not ship with these guys. I wish I could post a photo of the badly damaged parcel.


7 months ago

I try not to use UPS for any cross boarder shipments.
I had no choice on this shipment and they let me down again.
Their brokerage service is terrible. I have been waiting over 2 weeks for a package to clear customs. Each time I phone they tell me it's going to clear that day. Still waiting on a two day shipment for over 15 days.
Meanwhile FedEx is GREAT!
I have ordered 3 packages from the states from 3 different places and they were all at my door in less than 24 hours. FedEx is the BEST.
Never UPS unless you want to overpay and enjoy being frustrated by lack luster service on a good day.


7 months ago

FedEx is the worst company in the world I ordered a item using FedEx it arrived in town and they never delivered it
Waited seven weeks and they still haven鈥檛 delivered it I called Then the man on the phone was rude to me and told me to get some patients been two months now and I still never got it they have other packages there too and still haven鈥檛 gave them to me I called again the lady on the phone just keeps saying I Will call you back tomorrow and never bothers This is the third time they have screwed me over years ago I ordered a item when it arrived in town they said it would be delivered on Wednesday and they never Did when I called they kept giving me the run around and said it would be delivered soon finally after 10 weeks the manager called me and told me the box was destroyed this company doesn鈥檛 care about their customers I would not recommend them to anybody stay away


9 months ago

In the past I have had great service from FedEx out of Chico Ca but the last year they will not deliver my packages but state they tried and will attempt again next day.
Each time I was expecting a delivery I have been opening my window with my curtain pulled away from front so i can see my front gate.
I broke my hip 6 months ago so i am here to get any package all day. Ea time I am tracking the package and know when it is going to be delivered and ea time for past 6 deliveries they state "they attempted delivery and wasnt home"
I complained to Walmart, the store I ordered from and tried to contact FedEx but they have no phones on answering. At this point, I do not want to order anything or company that uses them.


9 months ago

Bought a bathing suit wrap from Dresslily $20.00 all shipping included. Recieved bill from Fedx for $17.00. Made mistake of saying like fixed before effects credit..could almost hear girl at fedx grin. Sent info to Dresslily and Fedx..they both know isn't my responsibility. Yet got a collection letter. Fedx will never get any business from me and as many manufactures have influence over as well.


10 months ago

During this time of self isolating, I have ordered a 鈥榝ew鈥?things online! I just want to give a huge shout out to my Fedex delivery people. My dog Oliver gets super excited and hyper when people come to the door! He can always be seen running from my front window to the door and back again! The last two deliveries I received, had a dog treat left on top. This small act of kindness brought a smile to my face and I know Oliver appreciated it as well! 馃槈 Thank you for your thoughtfulness during these days that can be quite trying for some people! Keep up the excellent service, you are appreciated!


10 months ago

What are you guys trying to do? Monday the 6th of April your tracking said, my commercial shipment will be deliver on Wed the 8th of April, Wed morning I check, it said will deliver Thu the 9th of April due to "restriction". Today, this morning the 9th of April, it still show delivery before end of day. At mid day you update the delivery status, "attempted deliver on Tuesday the 7th of April… How is that even possible?
What kind of lie is that?


10 months ago

Received today my Ikea delivery using FEDEX came with the box absolutely destroyed pieced back together with tape. Items were missing from the order with others damaged, and even included an item not ordered. absolute morons.


10 months ago

Stay away, use ANYone else. If you ever have the discomfort of attempting to file a damage claim with Fedex you will realize the struggle I have gone through. I will be moving all of my shipping needs for business and personal to literally any other company.

My most recent item arrived with the shipping box completely destroyed. The item (cast iron engine) was cracked and broken into two pieces. Fedex took over 30 days before replying (pre covid delays) then responded with an "OUT OF OFFICE"??!! Another week went by and I received an email saying my claim was closed.. and denied. Nothing else.

I have before and after photos.. photos of the item boxed pre shipment etc etc. This was a cut and dry case.

Avoid this company please – business who act this irresponsibly do not deserve customers.


1 year ago

Don't use FEdEX
1) FedEx phone message states date of delivery for package, So I wait in working from home
2) Package not delivered
3) Then I et a message stating there have been 4 attempts at delivery
4) I phone FedEx and complain I have been in at those times and no truck came by. I live in an easily accessible townhouse.
5) Manager responds back later with an apology 鈥?checked the truck GPS and the driver had lied, had not made the trip. Will attempt one more delivery tomorrow.
6) I phone FedEx today this morning to ask if I can pick it up this PM rather than wait for another delivery attempt tomorrow. They assure me its fine for me to pick it up this afternoon,
7) I drive out to the depot this afternoon to be told its not available and out for delivery tomorrow.

It's a circus act, not a delivery company. Sigh… 🙁


1 year ago

A few weeks ago I had a terrible experience with UPS and it now looks ever worse when compared to the excellent service we received from FedEx.

There was damage to a package my wife had ordered and they could not clearly make out the deliver instructions. She had accidentally put my phone number in when she placed the order so I got a call in the morning. The representative was very friendly and helpful, they offered to deliver wherever we liked or we could pick it up today if we wanted it right away. My wife had to call back to for details and make sure they knew I was picking it up and she said it was quick and easy to get someone on the line. the package condition was actually fine, only the label was smudged slightly.


2 years ago

I鈥檝e ordered maybe twice from something online with Fedex being the delivery company and both times were awful. The first time my item was left in my ground level apartment building hallway. The second time I took no chances and I waited on my patio for them before the expected delivery time. I waited for three hours and then received an email that delivery was attempted and I had to go pick up. I quickly sent them an email stating that I had waited for them and no one came so how could delivery have been attempted if they didn鈥檛 even make it to my apartment building. In the end I had to go and get it from the facility. I made sure to state what happened to the manger and they apologized but honestly what else could have been done? I would recommend selecting a different company if you have the choice.


2 years ago

Ordered a machine to come to my small business. Added insurance to be safe. Had photos of the packaging, the machine being loaded in perfect condition. When the machine arrived, The driver had one of my female employees go get it because it was (get this)"TOO HEAVY FOR HIM", As she unloaded it she noticed the packaging was so soaked with something that it fell away, the employee quickly took the remaining off knowing it was damaging to the electrical and discarded it. The machine was sadly destroyed, the wheels were smashed, and there was serious internal and external damage. I took photos and sent them in with my claim. THEY DENIED IT!! Because I did not have the packaging!!! Even after speaking with them to explain multiple times, it was still denied. Way to show small businesses how much you care. Now onto small claims to recoup some of the cost, as this is extremely damaging.


2 years ago

I ordered a package online a week ago, got a call from FedEx stating they were there to deliver (I wasn't at home at the time) so they left a door tag in my mail for notification of a first attempt delivery.

Assuming they would bring it back to the nearest FedEx location, I was soon to discover they had dropped the parcel in the lobby of my apartment and left. When I called Customer Service to explain what happened, they were quick to tell me "your package was delivered". Yes, I know that – thank you ever so kindly for telling me the obvious, but that was not why I'm calling.

I explained to the Customer Service that my package was dropped off, left and of course naturally stolen due to their inability to do a simple job. They advised I would have to file a claim with the Shipper as they have no liability for being irresponsible and faulty to complete a simple task. So here I am, and hopefully this saves someone from using them because I most certainly have not experienced a more shotty service dealing with the most incompetent employees let alone company.

FedEx – you don't deserve one star but I had to give it to write a review..


2 years ago

I sent a document (authorization) to Budapest. Tracking No.: 771546306313
I made the order on Thursday early in the afternoon, I got pickup confirmation for the same day, and delivery on Monday.
FedEx didn't pick up on Thursday. I called them Friday morning, explanation was: there is no pickup No. (???) The girl gave a pickup No. The shipment was picked up 2 in the afternoon. Confirmation changed for Tuesday.
Tracking showed on Monday morning, the document is already in Hungary.
No delivery on Monday, Tuesday.
After claiming, FedEx informed us, the customs value was set to 90 CAD, it has to be make custom clearance.
I gave while ordering customs value 1 CAD, actually it had no customs value! I had to send a correction mail. and a proforma invoice to change it.
On Wednesday (one week later) the recipient was allowed to pick it up himself.
(The price for two days delivery remain, of course, unchanged!)
P.S.: I just got the last tracking: "delivered to the front desk of the recipient", however it was picked up!


7 years ago

Official website owned by FedEx – Federal Express Corporation.

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