3 months ago

specially in ireland. support work very long 1 week to wait answer on simple question. on phone support, old lady that dont understand anything in IT.
always late with invoices. I got mail that I need to pay something that is 1 month old.

I swap to DHL they are more expensive but more professional. 1 day answer on mail


3 months ago

I have to say – without question – the rudest lady ever to be involved in business at the fed ex office dublin. OMG – I have never met worse. Please do us a favour – if you hate life and your job so much … try retirement or another job as the way you do your job – just brings everyone down. Seriously horrific person to have in charge of customer service / reception. I went over to DHL – 12 minute drive – better price and proper service! This I believe is the first negative review I have ever given on customer service … all previous reviews for all other co's were positive – in case you feel that reviews like this are the norm


3 months ago

Shipment sitting awaiting customs clearance since the 13th of October, no updates, no response fomr any emails, customer service is a Joke. Try to call and stay on hold for 20 minutes until they hand up. terrible company


3 months ago

Worst, worst courier company..
My package arrived to Dublin port on of October 2020 and since that no delivery.
I paid for door to door delivery service pluss insurance in advance and I'm still waiting.
Tracking number: 398124470943
This company should be forced to close.


3 months ago

Delivered to the wrong address after I got a text confirming that they would send the package to the new address 4 days earlier.


3 months ago

Delivery was showing to be made before 18.00. Waited all day and it never arrived! (Why could the system not be updated to show the delay?). It then has to be rescheduled and that will take a further day so delivery will be 2 days late if it arrives at all. I could collect but due to covid restrictions, it would still be 2 days..


3 months ago

Delivery arrived when it said it would. Hurray!

However a couple of weeks later, I got a letter, sorry, a demand for money, as they had paid import fees on my behalf.

And thoughtfully included the whole paperwork, on which it actually showed the value of the goods was below the threshold liable for any fees. Way to go guys, you can't even get that straight. If you're going to try to make up fake charges, make it look sort of credible.

So I ring them up to point this out, and get stonewalled. The oh so helpful operator clearly had a terrible speech impediment, he could only say the words "I am sorry sir, you will have to pay the amount shown." (How he gets by in life, I don't know, but I hope it works out for him) over and over. Nothing else. No "Hmm, that does seem weird" or "And the goods were only worth that amount?" Nope, just "I am sorry sir, you will have to pay the amount shown."
Ask for supervisor, call mysteriously ends.

Less than a week later, I get another letter, this time from a debt agency, looking for the money ina not very polite manner. (Mr Speech Impediment must have emailed them after he cut me off), so I had to pay.

FedEx are nothing but a shower of scam artists, and they've pulled this trick on quite a few people.
Wonder how many millions they've collected using these fraudulent methods?


3 months ago

No need for a long winded recap of how bad this delivery company is in Ireland. But after a 3rd rescheduled delivery with Zero contact and Zero explanation I鈥檝e had enough.


4 months ago

Terrible service. My parcel was sitting in a depot in Dublin (an hour from where I live) for two weeks. I called them on Monday and spoke to a lady who took my number and confirmed my address, she said they would get it sent to me the next day and apologized for the delay. Still no parcel so I called them today (Thursday) and they said the parcel had been sent back to sender. Ridiculous. They had my number and correct address but sent it back without even getting in touch with me. Three weeks wait and no parcel. One positive is that I never had an issue getting hold of customer service


4 months ago

I honestly dont know how this company is still operating. They charged me a 鈧?5 admin fee for receiving a delivery and owing import tax on it (and also had the audacity to charge me VAT on their fee, not the import tax, THEIR FEE). I stupidly paid the bill without realising the fee was there and was so annoyed when I read it properly. It took me 6 weeks, multiple emails and phone calls to finally get a refund. And they couldnt even get the refund amount right, I was left short.
It kills me to let them away with it out of principal but I honestly dont know if I have the energy to fight with them anymore.
Throughout those 6 weeks they continuously ignored pretty much every email I sent (except the one where I threatened to log a complaint with COMREG and the Consumer Protection Commission – of course they replied pretty quick to that one).
How the people who work monitoring their invoice query mailbox still have a job is beyond me because if I ignored customer emails like these people do in my own job i'd be sacked.
I would not recommend this company to anyone.
They are one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with.


6 months ago

Tried to call the customer service team on 6 attempts! Yes, 6! They hung up on me 4 times before I even got to spoke to an agent. I waited for on average 7 – 8 minutes each time. Then when I tried the online chat, they ended it before I could type anything. They literally make it impossible to communicate with them. I only want to arrange a parcel to be collected. If you're organising delivery yourself, steer clear and use someone more reliable like Fastway or Nightline. FedEx are a shambles.


6 months ago

– awful service
– unhelpful service
– defensive service
– slow to respond service
– customer care service – minimum waiting time is 20mins on hold or passed around and then they hang up on you
Use DHL, they care about their customers and will do anything to rectify a problem, the main one is usually they answer the phone


6 months ago

A disgrace of a company with employees that steal content. my parcel was stuck 3 days in dublin facility and when arrived 1h ago(reference 771130574150), some content was missing and the employee had put my package in another one with spanish address on and stickers half ripped on original package.


7 months ago

Surprisingly FedEx answered me 24 days later, on the same day I used Trustpilot to express my discontentment with FedEx. So I will use this channel once more to have (hopefully) a faster answer.
FedEx sent me an Excel document for me to try find my answers. I noticed the freight cost is being included, however, my purchase had FREE delivery.
1. Why did FedEx include the freight cost?
2. Why didn't FedEx inform me this was the reason why the value was different?
3. Why couldn't I see the freight cost in the invoice??
4. How does FedEx calculate the freight cost? I couldn't find any common multiplier.

Yesterday (05/08) I got a letter from FedEx dating from 25/07 informing I had 10 calendar days to pay the amount due. I'm sorry, but is FedEx so terrible at delivering a letter?? Why did I get this letter one day after expiring the due date?

Why didn't FedEx send me an e-mail/call? FedEx had ALL my details and never tried to reach out. I'm sorry but the excel document did NOT clarify everything.

I've been trying to clarify this for over a month, in every single possible way!

I can NOT accept receiving this letter yesterday dating from 11 days ago!

Why should I pay for the FedEx admin fee? This is being terribly managed, FedEx should have informed about this admin fee in the first and only time they called me to ask for the purchase order.

Please clarify ASAP!

Terrible experience. I purchased in a website in US and after the delivery I received an invoice to pay customs charges. No problem with it, IF they were charging the correct amount. FEDEX did all the calculations in dollars and I got the invoice in euro, no exchange rate was ever applied. Also, all the values had an increase before applying the percentages, out of nowhere. It seems they were trying to take advantage of the situation, I found out and now they don't even care to explain and fix it. I've been trying to contact them for over a month and they are ignoring my emails attempts or just saying "forwarded to the team responsible". I've tried to call as well, no response or "I can't help you, another team deals with it". FEDEX Invoice team, I want to clear my debt with you, but I want to pay the correct value. Is that too much to ask? Should I give you some maths lessons or perhaps explain how you should deal with a customer?!


7 months ago

Worst delivery service I have ever experienced. Failed to deliver 2 parcels claiming the address was incorrect despite it being perfectly correct with Eircode included. On the 2nd occasion I emailed twice and phoned to ensure the parcel would be delivered…inexplicably it ended up back in the Netherlands.


8 months ago

The worst delivery service out there. Disgraceful customer service. Was supposed to receive my package on Wednesday, didn't receive it and it's now Monday. FedEx staff ignored me and promised to call/email me back but never did. Even the local free post office has better service than FedEx which I had to pay for. Will never use it again.


9 months ago

Super super service. The package left New York late Friday evening, and was delivered to my door in Dublin, Ireland at 1-30 Monday. I wasn't home, but the delivery driver took the time to ring me, and ask where I would like the package left. I would definitely use FedEx again.


9 months ago

They are absolutely useless.. They schedule the delivery on Wednesday and on the following day still has no idea when they can deliver the parcel.. Customer service are unprofessional they say sorry for the delay because of bank holyday.. The problem is there is a bank holiday in UK but not in Ireland, so the next excuses was the covid19, but the DHL make the same delivery what takes 2 days for the FedEx is mot than 7 already… Ridiculous…


10 months ago

Online tracking says a delivery attempt was done but I wasn't home.
Obviously with the current situation, I'm home all the time and my doorbell works perfectly. Also I didn't even get a delivery note, which means that the driver never even came to my door.
I'm perfectly aware that the current lockdown situation can cause delays but this problem of fedex drivers marking fake delivery attempts in the tracking tool is not new.

If you need a reliable delivery company, I would strongly advise you NOT to choose fedex.


1 year ago

Fedex delivered a valuable parcel to a complete stranger. The parcels was correctly addressed (they even had our phone number on), and had absolutely nothing connecting it to the address it was actually delivered to. Below is an email I sent to Fedex on 17 October. I have had no reply.


A delivery that was supposed to be delivered to us was in fact dumped in a complete stranger鈥檚 shed over 10km away. He found them a week later and, thankfully, took the time to contact us. This was a very valuable delivery and no attempt was made to make sure that it was delivered to the correct recipient. If it wasn鈥檛 for the kindness and honesty of the person whose house the delivery was dumped at, it would have been lost. He spent less than two minutes on the internet to discover where the parcels were meant to be.

Please note that Cloghbrack and Carrowbaun are both village names, not house names, so the only relation between the two addresses is the fact that they are roughly seven kilometres away from the town of Clonbur (though on opposite sides).

Even by Fedex standards this is completely unacceptable. We paid over 鈧?0.00 to have our parcels delivered from Holland and the only reason that we actually received them was due to the kindness of a stranger and the fact that I spent nearly an hour of my time collecting them.

We have several deliveries a day by various couriers, and Fedex's service in our locality is by far and away the worst. Today we have been informed that a delivery that should have been delivered last week, will now be delivered in the New Year.


1 year ago

Over the last few months one of our German Distributors have insisted on using Fedex to deliver time sensitive shipments to us here in Ireland. We order 3 times per week from the German Distributor and I can state with 100% truth that 2 out of every 3 shipments are late with the third shipment missing. Thats a 100% failure rate from a company that are suppossed to be professional. They state they will call you back however they never do and yes I have recording of the calls and logs of the online chats.

We have heard every excuse from them however the best one was when they claimed our Eircode here is Carlow was the issue and this was why 2 of the 3 boxes shipped ended up in Croatia and the third box in Russia.

Fedex are totally inept and do not know the truth it would seem let alone be able to provide the truth to their customers.

My advice for anyone considering to use Fedex would be to pay a little extra a use a more reliable company.

We have notified our German Distributor that we will not longer accept shipments from Fedex and no future orders will be placed if they insist on sending our orders with Fedex.


1 year ago

Waiting for a package and asked to rearrange delivery for Friday, which was confirmed. I spent the whole day at home, waiting and it never arrived. I called customer service around 4 and they told me that the package was on the way and should be delivered by 6, but never did.
I wrote to complain and asked to be delivered next Friday, which was the first day I could be at home again. It was confirmed and one of the same, spent the whole day waiting.
Sent them a strong message asking to be escalated. I received later an email with apologies and that it would be looked at.
Next day (Suturday), without notice, a TNT truck appeared with my package. Good to receive it but I could have been away at that time.
I had better opinion for Fedex but my latest experiences are changing that rapidly.


2 years ago

Hi,I'm dealing with this unprofessional company for a year. Unfortunately I can't have other delivery because are contracted by CHEWY. I have 2 cats diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and I order every week from Chewy special prescription food,vitamins and medication. never we get our delivery in time ,even if on the tracking website is showing that is in vehicle for delivery ,our package comes 48 hr latter then the time for delivery.Sometimes our package is left in the front to neighbor business,in neighborhood. Multiple times I had to go for hours to find where is our delivery. We start to put notes on our front door with arrows where they should to be left delivery. Is not helping.Is inhuman what FedEx is doing,in order for us to give in time food and medication for our pets we have to travel from western Massachusetts to Connecticut Vet Clinic to buy medication and prescription food ,until FedEx is making decision or has mercy to deliver our package.Right now our package is in vehicle for delivery since December 7,2018 ,5:26 am and we are December 8,2018 and still waiting for delivery,which comes from Chicopee ( approximately 10 miles from our town).


2 years ago

I paid for the shipping of a parcel from the UK using next day "Priority" shipping. I should have received the package yesterday. it didn't arrive. I contacted FedEx. There were unacceptable excuses and the customer service agent assured me she would contact the "escalations department" and note that the parcel should be delivered first thing this morning. It's now 17.15. I have contacted FedEx twice. On hold twice for twenty minutes. Another customer service agent advised some from the same "escalations department" would phone me back. I have heard nothing. This is a business order I am awaiting. Appalling customer service


3 years ago

good communication- emails, texts. Delivery was handled well, packaging intact etc. Delivery man brought it into the right roonm for me. No problems

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